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Mighty Mulch
A thick layer of biodegradable mulch improves the garden by holding in moisture and reducing weeds. It also improves the soil and makes the garden more attractive. Every gardener should take mulching seriously.


Safe Lawn, Safe Family
There is no reason to ignore or abandon the green, grassy patch that connects house to sidewalk, driveway to house, and house to garden. We simply need to be mindful of the damage we do when we dump chemicals, both pesticides and fertilizers, on the grass. There are better ways to take care of our lawns.


Five Tips for Keeping the Vegetable Garden Thriving
You’ve worked hard to plant the vegetable garden. Keep it going well into the summer—now is the best time to enjoy it!


Rx for Late-Summer Flower Gardens
About now, your flower garden may remind you of an aging prom queen. You know it was drop-dead gorgeous just a short time ago but now it’s looking a little worn and tired. Help is here for the flower garden!


Taking Care of Your Lawn
Lawns need care to stay lush and green. Only water when needed and then do so early or late in the day. Mow the lawn often and weed and feed it, too.


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