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Pesto Presto!
Pesto, while originally from the Mediterranean, is a sauce that has worked its way into the American culinary lexicon. We serve it with pasta, salads, fish, chicken, beef, and on sandwiches. And it always adds a delicious accent.


Make Pasta at Home
Pasta is one of the most versatile foods in the pantry and while we usually buy it, it is surprisingly simple to make at home. You may not have much time to make your own pasta, but every now and then it is a gratifying culinary task.


Shells with Shrimp and Fruit
You may be surprised at how delicious these ingredients taste together. Plus, this is quick and easy!


Rigatoni-Turkey Salad
Hot biscuits will complement this nutritious meal. Makes a great party dish.


Linguine and Turkey Saute
A tossed salad with a zesty dressing will complete this delicious dish.


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