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5 Decorating Blunders, and How to Avoid Them
We have identified five of the most common mistakes people make when they decorate a room. Even if you are guilty of only one, fixing it will make you feel better about your personal space.


Choose the Right Paint for Your Room
Chances are good that you will live with the color you paint a room for years to come. It makes good sense to take your time when selecting a color.


Light Up the Night

Illuminating the outside of your house is just as important as good lighting indoors. Not only do strategically placed lights make your house more inviting and attractive, they are important safety features.


Take Your Kitchen from Functional to Fabulous
Your kitchen operates just fine as a place for cooking and serving meals. But is it lacking some touches that could convert it from a room where you take care of daily chores to one where you enjoy spending time?


No More Bathroom Blues
If your bathroom is looking dull, drab, or out of date, just a few changes can make a big difference. Smaller bathrooms will seem bigger, large bathrooms more pulled together, and the room will feel serene and peaceful, just right for unwinding in a bubble bath or re-invigorating in a hot shower.


When You Need a New Lamp
When it comes to living rooms and bedrooms, floor and table lamps turn an ordinary space into a welcoming and well-lit one.


Are Compact Fluorescents for You?
As more people shift to compact fluorescent (CF) bulbs, they save money and the environment. Not bad for such a simple adjustment. Generally, a compact fluorescent bulb consumes only one third as much juice as a regular incandescent bulb.


An (Almost-New) Kitchen
Look at your kitchen with fresh eyes to see many easy ways to turn a hum-drum or slightly neglected kitchen into one that seems spanking new!


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