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10 Tips for Painting a Room
Once you decide to paint a room, take your time and do it right. The end result will be so very pleasing, you will be very glad you did -- and a job well done means you won't have to tackle that room for years to come.


It's All About the Fabric

Choosing the right fabric for your living room or bedroom can transform an ordinary room into a standout. The colors, patterns and textures work together to please the eye and make the space especially welcoming.


Blind Sided
Blinds can make a room look smartly contemporary or warm and retro. They let light and air into a room during the day, while after dark they provide snug privacy. Blinds can be used in addition to drapes, or can stand on their own as the only window adornment needed.


Thinking About Wallpaper?

While most of your walls may be painted, wallpaper adds style that is not otherwise possible. It takes some boldness to paper your walls, and when you choose the right paper, nothing compares.


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