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Time to Bring Plants Indoors
When the spring sunshine beckons, we carry our houseplants outside to live on the deck or patio all summer. Don't forget about these good friends when the days get cooler.


Grilling into the Fall
Don’t let the cool weather put a stop to grilling. You can keep those outdoor fires going long into the fall and winter. Put on a warm coat, make sure there’s good light near the grill, and have fun!


Soup and Stew Savvy
The difference between a soup and stew, it could be argued, is a little liquid. Soups are eaten with a spoon, while for most stews, you need a fork. Both are satisfyingly easy to make and enjoy. 


Prepare the Garden for Overwintering

Perennial beds, rose bushes, small trees, and shrubbery all require attention to make it through the below-zero days ahead. Arguably, mulching is most vital now to protect root systems from harsh temperature fluctuations while retaining valuable moisture. Fall is also the time to prune spring-flowering hedges and bushes, and to plant bulbs for spring blooms. Complete both tasks before the first hard frost.


Cold-Weather Family Hikes

Hiking through the woods and fields when the leaves have fallen and the grasses have turned brown is as thrilling as hiking in the warm weather. Vistas you haven’t noticed at other times of year open before your eyes – and wildlife is easier to spot. The kids will love getting out onto the trail and you’ll appreciate the exercise and activity. Plus, in cool or snowy weather there are far fewer day hikers to crowd scenic paths.


Skin Care Without the Fuss

While it’s lovely to take a few hours to pamper yourself with a face mask or even a professional facial now and again, daily care of your skin does not have to be time consuming. The key is consistency and common sense.


Bundle Up the Kids!

Make sure your kids are protected against the cold when they play outside. Layering helps, as does making sure they don't get overheated and consequently too cold.


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