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Make a Summer Scrapbook
Document summertime fun in a homemade scrapbook. Kids love to make the books and to paste mementos in them as the warm, fun-filled days progress. These scrapbooks are great for postcards, ticket stubs, tourist brochures, camp photos, and other items th


Help Kids Eat Right, Even at Summer Camp!
You can't control what your child eats at camp, but if you send him off with good eating habits and a few gentle reminders, he will do fine


7 Ways to Choose a Summer Camp
Common wisdom dictates that you and your child choose a summer camp early. If you have not already done so, now is the time to sign up.


Off to Sleep-Away Camp!
First-time or more seasoned campers usually like some reassurance before they head off for sleep-away camp. Encourage them to help with the planning and packing and talk happily about the camp experience.


Calling All Campers!

Mail call! If your child is at sleep-away camp, this is an important time of day. Camp may be the only time your kids give “snail mail” a second thought, but for these few summer weeks, the U.S. Postal Service plays a significant role in the lives of many children.


Help for Homesick Kids
The idea of going to sleep-away camp is so exciting and alluring, many kids and their parents plunge into the experience without considering how to handle homesickness. Your child may take to camp without a care, but many more children experience the


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