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Creative Book Covers
When you wrap school books in colorful, fun covers, going back to school is even more exciting. Many schools require that books are covered because it protects them, but even if yours does not, it's still a great idea.


5 Ways Your Toddler Can Enjoy the Library
Carve out an hour or two to visit the library with your toddlers and preschoolers. Doing so regularly could encourage a lifelong relationship with a fantastic community resource.


8 Ways for Your Kids to Enjoy the Library

The library is a vibrant part of most communities where the entire family can find enjoyment, stimulation and peace. Your children will benefit if they think of the library as a regular part of their lives, and you can help make this happen.


Summer is a Good Time for Books
Whether your children are assigned summer reading books by their schools or decide to explore some titles on their own, the long, lazy days of summer offer great opportunities to indulge in this lifelong pleasure.


The Ins and Outs of a Book Club
Book clubs are terrific outlets for people who want to stretch their brains, both by reading and by discussion. These groups offer their members the chance to do both.


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