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Grilled Picante Cheese Bread
Nothing fancy about these quick-fix appetizers...they're just simply delicious and can be assembled in no time when you keep a jar of picante sauce handy.


Chunky Salsa Cheesecake
A perfect centerpiece for your next party whether it's cocktails for 20 or a tailgating get-together.


Beef Roast and Onion Gravy
Flavorful beef stock serves double-duty in this tasty recipe as it is used as a basting sauce for the roast and to make the savory onion-studded pan gravy.


Herb Roasted Turkey
Here's an easy, reliable way to ensure a moist and flavorful turkey...simply pour the lemon and herb-seasoned chicken stock over the bird, then baste with the pan drippings while it roasts. Served with prepared turkey gravy, it just couldn't be easier!


Strawberry Napoleons
This stunning dessert tastes as good as it looks! All it takes is one sheet of puff pastry, sliced strawberries and a very easy-to-make vanilla mousse. A thin layer of icing tops it all.


Brie en Croute
Watch this elegant, sure-to-impress appetizer disappear at your next party as creamy Brie, topped with almonds and parsley, oozes out of its flaky pastry crust.


Neapolitan Napoleons
Wow! Layers of flaky pastry filled with cinnamon-spiked chocolate mousse and whipped cream with fresh strawberries—what a crowd pleaser!


Citrus Fruit Tart
Have you been asked to bring a dessert?  Here's the recipe for's easy to make, but it looks and tastes like it's from a fancy bakery. 


Neapolitan Ice Cream Napoleon
Nothing could be easier than this ice cream treat—freeze it ahead for your next casual get-together with friends.


Holiday Brie en Croute
This pastry-wrapped soft cheese, topped with cranberries, apricots and almonds, is great for the holidays but it's so good, you'll want to serve it year-round.


White Chocolate Fruit Tart
This may be the most delectable fruit tart you've ever tasted.  It features a puff pastry crust topped with white chocolate and fresh sliced fruit to make an absolutely delicious dessert.


Chocolate-Dipped Sugar Cones
Chocolate-dipped cones, decorated with sprinkles or nuts, make ice cream even more special! Kids love to make these.


Apple-Raisin Muffins
Make these anytime of year, but be sure to try them in the fall when the apples are crisp and juicy. They make a great lunchbox snack good for kids and adults.


Lemon & Sage Roasted Turkey
Four simple ingredients, lemon, fresh sage, pepper and butter, are all you need to make a mouthwatering roast turkey you'll be proud to serve. And placing the lemon and sage under the skin adds great flavor and makes a beautiful presentation.


Easy Tomato Soup Spice Cake
Soup in cake? practically guarantees a moist and flavorful result.  Topped with cream cheese frosting, it's delish!


Tomato Soup Spice Cake
Bet you can guess the secret ingredient in this extra moist and rich spice cake - it's perfect with your favorite cream cheese frosting for the sweetest of endings!


Turkey and Cornbread Stuffing with Sun-Dried Tomatoes
Try something new this year. Slivered almonds and sun-dried tomatoes add a delicious twist to this stuffing recipe that's the perfect pair for a moist roasted turkey.


One-Pan Glazed Vegetables & Roast Beef
As long as you're roasting the beef, it makes sense to roast the veggies at the same easy, smart and delicious!


Berry Bordeaux Desserts
Rich butter cookies are layered with lightly sweetened whipped cream and garnished with a berry mixture for a trifle-inspired dessert.


Roast Turkey with Mushroom Stuffing
Here's a no-stress roast turkey recipe featuring savory mushroom stuffing.  It's a great recipe for first-time turkey cooks or seasoned pros. Give it a try at your next gathering.


Turkey with Stuffing Provençal
Tired of the same old stuffing?  Then try this flavorful, Mediterranean-inspired recipe featuring tomato, garlic, and olives.  Plus, this recipe will guide you to a perfectly moist and juicy turkey too.


Crowd-Pleasing Meatball & Spaghetti Bake
Tender spaghetti, precooked meatballs, and savory mushroom-tomato pasta sauce, are baked until hot and bubbling and garnished with cheese.


Sausage & Peppers for a Dozen
Oven-roasting the Italian sausage, green peppers, and onions makes these sandwiches really special.  They're easy-to-make and are perfect to feed a hungry crowd.


Quick & Easy No Guilt Berry Shortcake
What a great idea...make a box mix angel food cake using berry blend juice drink instead of water.  Topped with fresh berries and whipped cream, it's so easy, and so delicious. 


Artichoke Eggplant Ring Mold
Perfect for parties, this unique spin on eggplant parmesan looks as good as it tastes.  Best of all, it takes just 35 minutes to put together before it goes in the oven.


Frangipane Pithivier
A classic rich pastry cream seasoned with almonds, frangipane is layered between two flaky rounds of puff pastry for this classic French dessert.


Portobello Mushroom Puffs
Bundles of flaky puff pastry are filled with a savory mixture of seasoned sautéed mushrooms and Parmesan cheese to make these elegant appetizers that are sure to impress your guests.


Chocolate Mousse in Chocolate-Dipped Pastries
We've found a way to make chocolate mousse even better...serve it in chocolate dipped puff pastry shells.  When topped with cocoa powder and chocolate curls, this is a truly elegant dessert.


Slow-Cooked Pulled Pork Sandwiches
These fabulous sandwiches feature pork shoulder that is slow cooked in a scrumptious, sweet and tangy sauce to be served on sandwich buns.


Swiss and Asparagus Crab Loaf
Each of these ingredients is good on its own, but when you combine crabmeat with asparagus and cheese, served hot on French bread, the combination makes an absolutely irresistible appetizer.


Passover Apple Matzo Charlotte
Yes, this easy to make dessert is perfect for Passover...but it's so good, you'll want to make it year round!


Caramel Frosting
Top off any cake with this delicious, easy-to-make frosting.


Roast Turkey for Beginners
Don't let roasting a turkey scare you!  Just follow this step-by-step recipe, and you'll have a delicious, moist, golden brown turkey.


Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting
This moist and delectable carrot cake, flavored with crushed pineapple and chopped walnuts, is the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion.


Barb's Banana Bread
This is easy enough for kids to mix and bake. It's also one of the best banana breads we've ever tasted!


Campfire Stew Sandwiches
This satisfying campfire dish makes enough to serve 12 hungry people.  Using canned soup makes it especially easy and tasty.


Strawberry-Champagne Punch
For a party, nothing tastes better than this fruity Champagne punch...and it takes just 10 minutes to put together!


Peanut Butter Coffee Cake
Morning coffee cake just got better with the addition of cream peanut butter to the batter. Give it a's easy to make, moist and delicious.


Raspberry Swirl
This frozen pie features a graham cracker crust and a refreshingly delicious, no-bake filling.  It's great for a hot summer's day...or any day!


Herbed Cheese Biscuits
The menu just doesn't seem complete without these easy-to-make, cheesy biscuits seasoned with just a hint of dill. 


Double Decadence Chocolate Cake with Shiny Chocolate Icing
Let us show you how to make an irresistible chocolate cake that rivals the best bakery in town. This one is sure to win you lots of compliments!


Corned Beef Dinner
This one-pot dish has it all...perfectly seasoned corned beef, tender vegetables and a tasty horseradish sauce, that slowly simmer to tenderness on the stovetop.


Frosted Orange Chiffon Cake
This moist, light and airy dessert uses orange juice and zest to give refreshing citrus taste to both the cake and the creamy frosting. 


Pumpkin Cake with Orange Glaze
A zesty orange glaze and a sprinkle of chopped walnuts are the finishing touches for this spectacular spiced pumpkin cake. Perfect for the fall, this cake is so delectable, you'll want to make it year round!


Harvest Moon Cake
This Harvest Moon Cake is a moist pumpkin chocolate chip cake, topped with an irresistible creamy maple frosting. 


Pastry Cups with Fruit & Orange Cream
Using puff pastry shells allows you to make these bakery-style desserts in under an hour.  The shells are filled with a silky orange cream that's topped with fresh fruit...delicious!


Lavender-Infused Mascarpone Mousse Pastries
Yes, these dessert treats are as luscious and delicious as they sound.  They take a little time, but they're worth it!


Garlic Dinner Rolls
In less than 20 minutes you can make these irresistible's hard to eat just one!


Potato and Parsnip Gratin with Bacon
If you've never tried parsnips, here's your chance. This creamy baked gratin, accented with bacon, basil and lots of Swiss cheese, is so scrumptious you'll be craving parsnips again and again.


Maple-Glazed Ham
This delectable spiral ham is basted with a mustard-maple syrup mixture, and then served with a tempting sauce - it's great as an entrée or buffet dish.


Bat Cheesecake
Scare away your Halloween sweet tooth with this hauntingly delicious dessert, featuring a swirl of chocolate in a creamy, orange tinted cheesecake, topped with easy to make bat cookies.


Foil Tent Roasted Turkey
This simple recipe shows you how to tent an oil-brushed turkey with foil to make a moist and delicious bird.  Really, with just two ingredients, it couldn't be any easier.


Deli Rolls
Even better than your favorite deli fare, these mouthwatering sandwiches feature roast turkey, smoked turkey, pastrami and mashed potatoes, rolled up and baked in flaky puff pastry. Perfect for parties, this recipe feeds a hungry crowd.


Heavenly Cannoli Cups
Flaky puff pastry provides the "crust" for these mini pastry cups, filled with a luscious cannoli cream and topped with chocolate and pecans.


Not Your Ordinary Cheesecake
Winter squash, apricots and chocolate make the flavor of this cheesecake anything but fact, it's absolutely delicious.


Potato Chocolate Cake
Sounds crazy, but it's true...mashed potatoes make this chocolate cake moist, flavorful and absolutely delicious. This may just become your favorite cake recipe.


Potato Buttermilk Biscuits
Served warm from the oven, these moist and flaky biscuits are perfect for breakfast, brunch or to soak up gravy at dinner.


Puff Pastry Strawberry and Cream Napoleons
This delectable twist on strawberry shortcakes features tender layers of puff pastry instead of a heavy cake.  What a wonderful way to highlight fresh strawberries.


Yogurt and Rolled Wafer Trifle
The secret to this spectacularly different trifle is the dried fruit, infused with cinnamon and brown sugar.  Chopped pecans and a drizzle of maple syrup makes this dessert absolutely irresistible!


Torta Rustica
Served at room temperature, this delectable torta makes a beautiful presentation for a holiday or special meal.  It looks complicated, but takes only 30 minutes to assemble, and you can make it ahead! Your guests will be delighted with the fabulous combination of cheese, egg, meat and vegetables all encased in flaky puff pastry.


Amazing Red Devil's Food Cake
Campbell's® Tomato Juice is the secret ingredient that makes this moist and delicious devil's food cake irresistible.


Slow-Cooked Apple Cherry Pastries with Vanilla Cream
Puff pastry shells and your slow cooker make it so easy to make this delectable dessert.  The shells are filled with a warm apple and cherry mixture and topped with creamy vanilla pudding...yum!


Jerk-Spiced Beef Sirloin
Look in the spice aisle for Jamaican jerk seasoning that's used to give this succulent beef steak great flavor without a lot of work.


Almond Orange Pithivier
The name is impressive, and so is the taste in this elegant dessert featuring circles of puff pastry surrounding an almond-orange filling. But what's even more impressive is that the recipe is so easy to follow.


Mini-Cheeseburger Pastry Bundles
Petite burgers get jazzed up with melted cheese and puff pastry to create an appetizer everyone will adore. Vary the cheese and ground meat in a multitude of ways for ever-new, go-to hors d'oeuvres.


White Chocolate Mousse Pie
Here's an impressive dessert that takes less than an hour to make before chilling.  It features a ground cookie crust with a creamy white chocolate mousse filling, topped with fresh strawberries.  Yum!


Herb Roasted Turkey with Pan Gravy
Here's an easy, reliable way to ensure a moist and flavorful turkey...simply pour the herb-seasoned chicken stock over the bird, then baste with the pan drippings while it roasts. When the turkey is done, use a bit more stock to make a quick and savory gravy.


Turkey with Cornbread Stuffing
Here's a step-by-step, streamlined recipe that will give you a beautiful, moist and juicy roast turkey with flavorful cornbread stuffing without any stress...just follow's easy and delicious!


Slow Cooker Mole-Style Pulled Pork
Chocolate, chili powder and cinnamon give this slowly cooked pork a distinctively rich and smoky flavor.  Put the ingredients together in the morning, and you'll come home to irresistibly good pork to serve in warm tortillas.


Herb Roasted Turkey with Savory Fruit Stuffing
Follow these simple directions to make a flavorful turkey that would make the Pilgrims proud.  It cooks in an oven bag, so there's no mess.  Plus, you can choose your favorite dried fruit to customize the stuffing to your own tastes.


Holiday Turkey with Cranberry Pecan Stuffing
Here's an easy to follow roast turkey recipe with a mouthwatering cranberry-pecan stuffing.  Give it a try...the turkey is succulent and the stuffing is absolutely delicious.


Roasted Dijon & Apple-Glazed Turkey with Fruited Stuffing
Making your first turkey?  You can't go wrong with this easy-to-follow recipe that gives you step-by-step instructions to ensure beautiful and flavorful results.  This is a recipe you'll rely on year after year.


Roasted Pecan & Dried Cherry-Stuffed Turkey
This delectable version of a roast turkey is made special by placing fresh herbs under the skin and adding pecans and dried cherries to herb-seasoned stuffing.  The result is an exquisite, crowd-pleasing dish.  Plus, clean-up is easy, because the turkey is cooked in an oven bag.


Savory Stuffed Turkey
This recipe proves that it is easy to make a moist and flavorful turkey, paired with a simple and flavorful stuffing. This is a great recipe for first-time turkey cooks, or seasoned pros.


Stuffed Pork Roast with Herb Seasoned Artichoke & Mushroom Stuffing
This show-stopping pork roast features exquisite taste and elegant presentation, but the reason it's one of our favorites is that it's so easy and reliable - you'll get great results every time


Picante-Glazed Chicken Wings
Getting bored with buffalo wings?  Give these flavor-packed wings a try...they're baked instead of fried, and they're glazed with a sweet and spicy sauce that's out of this world!


Red Raspberry & White Chocolate Cream Hand Pies
Puff pastry and an irresistible filling make these hand pies irresistible.  Each bite features fresh raspberries in a white chocolate cream, wrapped in flaky puff pastry...they're simply divine!


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