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Pear-Apple-Grape Juice
You can feel good about this all-fruit juice that's naturally sweet and delicious.


Salsa Sipper
Lemon juice, vodka, Worcestershire and hot pepper sauces mix with vegetable juice to make a relaxing adult beverage.


Lime Splash
This refreshing cocktail makes any gathering seem special. It features vegetable juice mixed with vodka, ginger ale and lime.


4-Star Deli Sandwich
Chewy rye bread packed with pastrami, salami, Swiss and lots of fixin''s an easy to make sandwich that's tastier, easier and less expensive than deli take-out!


Ham & Cheese Melt
Pita bread is filled with ham, Havarti cheese and mustard, wrapped in foil and baked in the oven to make an irresistible sandwich in just 15 minutes!


The Deluxe Roast Beef Sandwich
What makes it deluxe?  The perfect combination of simple ingredients that come together to make an outstanding sandwich.


Santa Fe Turkey Sandwich
Set aside the usual sandwich condiments...these scrumptious turkey and cheese sandwiches get a burst of great flavor from chunky salsa.


Texas-Style Grilled Sandwich
Barbecue sauce adds some sassy flavor to this grilled roast beef and cheese sandwich.  It's the perfect cure for the lunchtime blues.


Easy Chicken Mozzarella Sandwich
Just one bite of this delectable sandwich will win you features Italian bread filled with a chicken cutlet, Italian sauce and melted mozzarella cheese.  It just doesn't get any better.


Double Decker Turkey Sandwich
Ranch dressing adds the just the right amount of zest to make this turkey sandwich something to look forward to!


Berry Breakfast Sandwich
A sandwich for breakfast?  You bet...just start with some cinnamon swirl bread and add cream cheese, nuts and strawberries.  It's quick and tasty, and you can take it with you on the go.


Ham & Cheese Breakfast Melt
Ready in less than 10 minutes, three simple ingredients go under the broiler to make a tasty open-faced sandwich.  What a great way to begin your day!


Grilled 2-Cheese Sandwich
Swiss and Cheddar cheeses combine to make an absolutely delicious grilled cheese sandwich with just a hint of honey-mustard flavor.


Turkey and Cheese Sandwich
When you're in the mood for a good sandwich, give this one a try.  It takes just 5 minutes to make, and it gets a burst of zesty flavor from your favorite kind of pickles.


Quick Vegetables & Beef
How tasty!  This quick and delicious stir-fry uses chunky beef and vegetable soup to save you time without sacrificing a bit of flavor.


5-Minute Cheesy Chicken Enchilada Grande
You can't get dinner on the table any quicker than this...all you need is 5 minutes, some leftover chicken or pork, and three pantry ingredients, to get great Southwestern flavor, really fast!


Cookies 'n' Yogurt
Layers of creamy fruit yogurt and rich chocolate chip cookies are topped with a mixture of bright berries for a dessert that's a delight for the eye and the palate.


Goldfish Checkerboard Sandwich
Make a checkerboard pattern of PB&J sandwiches by using both whole wheat and white breads--fun for kids of all ages!


Light Ice Cream Soda
Add a special drink to any meal and it becomes a celebration.


Hot Mulled Sipper
Mmm, the aroma of cinnamon mixed with warm fruit makes a drink that soothes and quiets the busiest person anytime.


Fruity Ice Cream Soda
Remember to treat yourself well - this drink is the perfect snack indulgence.


Perfect Scrambled Eggs
Here's a basic, foolproof way to make delicious scrambled eggs, time and time again.  Give them a's a quick, easy and delicious recipe.


Old-Fashioned Root Beer Float
An oldie, but a goodie...treat the kids, and yourself to this soda fountain treat.  All you need is root beer, ice cream and 5 minutes!


Thick Chocolate Milkshake
Dessert doesn't get any better than these thick and creamy chocolate milkshakes that are ready in just 5 minutes.  Experiment with other flavors of ice cream for equally delicious shakes.


Serve this light, refreshing cocktail at brunch or anytime of day. Fresh-squeezed orange juice is best, but storebought works well, too.


Kir Royale
So elegant, yet so easy to make...serve this bubbly, blackcurrant flavored cocktail at your next special occasion.


Super Simple Sandwiches
Try these creative ideas that turn ordinary peanut butter sandwiches into delicious treats customized to your liking!


Bagel Bruschetta
What a great idea...toasted bagels make a great base for this easy to make tomato-basil bruschetta topping. 


Broiled Banana Bagel
Great for breakfast, dessert or a flavorful snack, these peanut butter and banana sandwiches go under the broiler to caramelize the cinnamon-sugar topping.


Mexican Scrambled Eggs
Wake up your palate with these kicked-up scrambled eggs....using egg substitute makes them easy, and using jalapeño pepper, cilantro and salsa adds great flavor.


Tomato & Pepper-Topped Mini Pizzas
A whole wheat English muffin makes a fabulous "crust" for this cheesy individual pizza that is ready in just 25 minutes. It makes a great after-school snack or a quick lunch or dinner for one.


Parmesan Pretzel Thins
Crisp pretzel thins are topped with melted Parmesan cheese to make delectable appetizers that are elegant and easy.


Mexican Four Cheese & Chicken Quesadilla
Your favorite restaurant-style quesadillas can be easily made at home with this fabulous recipe featuring salsa con queso, chicken, red pepper and guacamole that comes together in just 15 minutes.


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