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Moist & Beefy Soft Tacos SandwichesAmericanVegetableCampbell's Recipes
Monte Cristo Dijon SandwichesEuropeanDairyCampbell's Recipes
Mozzarella Meatball Sandwiches SandwichesAmericanBreads and GrainsCampbell's Recipes
Mozzarella with Crispy Prosciutto and Broccoli Rabe SandwichesItalianDairyFabulous Food Associations
Mushroom Bacon Burgers SandwichesAmericanPoultryCampbell's Recipes
Nacho Burgers SandwichesAmericanPoultryCampbell's Recipes
Nacho Cheese Guacamole Burgers SandwichesAmericanVegetableCampbell's Recipes
Nacho Tacos SandwichesAmericanPoultryCampbell's Recipes
New York Gyro SandwichesAmericanMeatsAmerica's Favorite Food Associations
North Carolina Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwiches SandwichesAmericanMeatsNational Pork Board
North Carolina-Style Pulled Pork with Florida Orange Barbecue Sauce SandwichesAmericanMeatsFlorida Department of Citrus
Olive "Po" Boy SandwichesAmericanVegetableStop and Smell the Rosemary
ONE STEP SLOPPY JOE Sandwiches-- Cuisine --UnspecifiedFamilyTime Community
Open Face Santa Fe Sandwiches SandwichesAmericanUnspecifiedVery Best Baking by Nestle
Open-Face Chicken Salad Sandwiches SandwichesAmericanPoultrySwanson's Simply Delicious Cookbook
Open-Faced Apricot Chicken Salad Sandwiches SandwichesAmericanPoultryCampbell's Recipes
Open-Faced Garden Frittata Sandwiches SandwichesItalianVegetableCampbell's Recipes
Open-Faced Meatloaf Sandwiches with Cheese SandwichesAmericanUnspecifiedVery Best Baking by Nestle
Open-Faced Mediterranean Sandwiches SandwichesMiddle EasternVegetableCampbell's Recipes
Open-Faced Red Pepper & Hummus Sandwiches SandwichesMiddle EasternVegetableCampbell's Recipes
Open-Faced Roast Beef & Mushroom Sandwiches SandwichesAmericanDairyCampbell's Recipes
Open-Faced Turkey Sandwiches SandwichesAmericanMeatsFabulous Food Associations
Oriental Chicken Sandwiches SandwichesAsianPoultrySwanson's Simply Delicious Cookbook
Oven-Fried Chicken Chimichangas SandwichesMexicanDairyCampbell's Recipes
Oyster Roll SandwichesAmericanSeafoodThe Working Family's Cookbook
Pace® Fajitas in a Flash SandwichesMexicanMeatsPace Recipes
Pace® Fiesta Tortilla Roll-Ups SandwichesMexicanPoultryPace Recipes
Pace® Grande Garlic Tacos SandwichesMexicanMeatsPace Recipes
Pace® Great American Picante Burgers SandwichesMexicanMeatsPace Recipes
Pace® Grilled Pork in Pita SandwichesAmericanMeatsPace Recipes
Pace® Grilled Vegetable Sandwiches SandwichesAmericanVegetablePace Recipes
Pace® Mexican Chicken Sandwiches SandwichesMexicanPoultryPace Recipes
Pace® Pulled Pork Sandwiches SandwichesMexicanMeatsPace Recipes
Pace® Ranch Hand Pulled Pork Sandwiches SandwichesAmericanMeatsPace Recipes
Pace® Sante Fe Chicken Tortilla Roll-Ups SandwichesMexicanPoultryPace Recipes
Pace® Smothered Santa Fe Turkey Sandwich SandwichesAmericanMeatsPace Recipes
Pace® Southwest Sloppy Joes SandwichesMexicanMeatsPace Recipes
Pace® Southwestern Pita SandwichesAmericanMeatsPace Recipes
Pace® Turkey Wrap Ole' SandwichesMexicanPoultryPace Recipes
Pan-Grilled Flank Steak Wraps SandwichesAmericanMeatsCampbell's Recipes
Pan-Grilled Veggie & Cheese Sandwiches SandwichesItalianVegetableCampbell's Recipes
Parmesan Crusted Calamari Sandwich on Grilled Focaccia SandwichesAmericanSeafoodAmerica's Favorite Food Associations
Pastrami Sandwich SandwichesAmericanMeatsKids' Lunch Boxes
Peanut Butter & Apple Snack Squares SandwichesAmericanFruitCampbell's Recipes
Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich SandwichesAmericanFruitKids' Lunch Boxes
Pesto Beef Sandwich-In-The-Round SandwichesAmericanMeatsFabulous Food Associations
Philadelphia Cheesesteaks SandwichesAmericanMeatsCampbell's Recipes
Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches SandwichesAmericanMeatsGeorge Foreman's Knock-Out-The-Fat Cookbook
Philly Cheesesteak Rolls SandwichesAmericanVegetableCampbell's Recipes
Picante Meatball Heroes SandwichesAmericanBreads and GrainsCampbell's Recipes
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