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Ham and Cream Cheese Pinwheels SandwichesMexicanBreads and GrainsMission® Foods Quick & Easy Recipe Collection
Ham and Swiss Crescent Braid SandwichesAmericanBreads and GrainsFamilyTime Community Cookbook
Ham and Wisconsin Cheese Frenchie SandwichesAmericanDairyFabulous Food Associations
Ham and Wisconsin Cheese with a Twist SandwichesAmericanDairyFabulous Food Associations
Ham Salad Sandwich SandwichesAmericanMeatsThe Working Family's Cookbook
Ham Sandwich SandwichesAmericanMeatsKids' Lunch Boxes
Hamburgers SandwichesAmericanBreads and GrainsCampbell's Recipes
Hearty Chicken & Portobello Sliders SandwichesAmericanVegetableCampbell's Recipes
Hearty Roast Beef Sandwiches SandwichesAmericanVegetableCampbell's Recipes
HERBED LAMB BURGERS SandwichesMediterraneanMeatsFamilyTime Community Cookbook
Hidden Veggie Sloppy Joes SandwichesAmericanPoultryCampbell's Recipes
Homestyle Chicken Wraps SandwichesAmericanPoultryNestle® Very Best Meals
Homestyle Ground Lamb Gyros SandwichesAmericanMeatsAmerica's Favorite Food Associations
Honey-Mustard Chicken Salad Napoleons SandwichesAmericanPoultryCampbell's Recipes
Hot Ham Hoagies SandwichesAmericanMeatsTaste of Home Cookbook
HOT OPEN-FACED HAM, SWISS CHEESE, AND MUSHROOM SANDWICHES SandwichesAmericanMeatsFamilyTime Community Cookbook
Hot Roast Beef & Pepper Sandwiches SandwichesAmericanDairyCampbell's Recipes
Hot Roast Beef Sandwiches SandwichesAmericanBreads and GrainsCampbell's Recipes
Hot Turkey Dijon Sandwiches Sandwiches-- Cuisine --PoultryFabulous Food Associations
Hot Turkey Sandwiches SandwichesAmericanBreads and GrainsCampbell's Recipes
Island Turkey Sandwich SandwichesTropicalMeatsAmerica's Favorite Food Associations
Italian Beef Sandwiches-- Cuisine --MeatsFamilyTime Community
Italian Burgers with Olives & Mozzarella SandwichesItalianPoultryCampbell's Recipes
Italian Sausage Sandwiches SandwichesItalianMeatsCampbell's Recipes
Italian-Style Sloppy Joes SandwichesAmericanVegetableCampbell's Recipes
Jalapeno Cheeseburgers SandwichesAmericanMeatsFabulous Food Associations
KO Sloppy Joe SandwichesAmericanMeatsFamilyTime Community Cookbook
Lamb Cheeseburgers SandwichesAmericanMeatsAmerica's Favorite Food Associations
Lamb Muffuletta Sandwich SandwichesAmericanMeatsAmerica's Favorite Food Associations
Lamb Salsa Calzone SandwichesAmericanMeatsAmerica's Favorite Food Associations
Lamb Sandwich With Raita SandwichesMiddle EasternMeatsThe Working Family's Cookbook
LEMON-TARRAGON CHICKEN SALAD SANDWICHES SandwichesAmericanPoultryFamilyTime Community Cookbook
Lighter Chicken Cheesesteaks SandwichesAmericanDairyCampbell's Recipes
Lighter Chicken Quesadillas SandwichesAmericanDairyCampbell's Recipes
Liverwurst Sandwich SandwichesAmericanMeatsKids' Lunch Boxes
Lowfat Chicken Salad Sandwiches SandwichesAmericanPoultryCampbell's Recipes
Lowfat Chunky Chicken Melt SandwichesAmericanPoultrySwanson's Simply Delicious Cookbook
Mean Green Peanut Butter Sandwich SandwichesAmericanFruitAmerica's Favorite Food Associations
Meatball Sandwiches SandwichesItalianBreads and GrainsCampbell's Recipes
Mediterranean Pocket Sandwich SandwichesAmericanMeatsAmerica's Favorite Food Associations
Mediterranean Pocket Sandwiches SandwichesMediterraneanMeatsAmerica's Favorite Food Associations
Mediterranean Sandwiches SandwichesMediterraneanDairyCampbell's Recipes
Mediterranean Steak Sandwiches SandwichesMediterraneanMeatsFabulous Food Associations
Mediterranean Turkey Meatball Sandwich SandwichesMediterraneanPoultryStop and Smell the Rosemary
Melted Cheese and Ham Toasts SandwichesAmericanDairyThe Working Family's Cookbook
Mexicali Chicken and Cheese Sandwiches SandwichesMexicanPoultryNestle® Very Best Meals
Mexican Chicken Sandwiches SandwichesAmericanPoultryCampbell's Recipes
Mexican Shrimp Salad Sandwiches SandwichesAmericanVegetableCampbell's Recipes
MEXICAN-STYLE CHICKEN SANDWICHES SandwichesMexicanPoultryFamilyTime Community Cookbook
Minute Lamb Minestrone SandwichesAmericanMeatsAmerica's Favorite Food Associations
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