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A Shamrock Garden

A Shamrock Garden

Even the littlest leprechaun can help make these festive shamrocks for St. Paddy’s Day.

By FamilyTime

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With just a few supplies and some help from a grownup or an older brother or sister, kids can make a whole garden of bright, happy-looking shamrocks. Use these to decorate the St. Patrick’s Day table, a mantelpiece, or side table. These shamrocks would be a great craft for a party or club meeting, too.

What You Need
You’ll need empty plastic water or soda bottles of varying sizes, some raw rice, craft paint and craft glue, green construction paper, long plastic straws, green pipe cleaners, and cotton balls.

Additionally you might want to use shiny green ribbon and green and white felt material. Green and gold glitter dress up the shamrocks and bottles, too.

You will also need a shamrock template. For ours, click here.

How You Begin
Using a funnel or similar tool, pour rice into the bottles to come a few inches up the sides. The rice anchors the bottles so that they don’t tip over.

To decorate the bottles, use your imagination and gear it to the skill level of the children. You can simply paint the bottles with craft paint to make them green. If so, you’ll most likely need two coats. Let the bottles dry thoroughly between coats of paint.

Another idea is to wrap the bottles with strips of construction paper. If so, mix the glue with a few drops of water and brush the glue on the bottle and over the top of the paper, too. This insures the paper sticks and gives it a nice finish.

You can also wrap the bottles with shiny green ribbon. This can be done in league with painting the bottles or wrapping them with construction paper.

For more drama, glue glitter on the construction paper or bottles.

How You Make the Shamrocks
Using templates, trace the shamrocks on paper and felt material. Cut them out, allowing two cut-out shamrocks for each one.

Line up the pieces so that the shamrocks match. Now, dab glue on both sides of three or four cotton balls. Use the cotton balls to attach the two sides of each shamrock, affixing them on the leaves. The cotton filler makes the shamrocks look fuller and more stable.

Press the edges of the shamrocks together if you like, using a little glue to hold the edges closed. Be sure to leave an opening at the bottom of each shamrock.

How You Finish the Shamrock Garden
Wrap the straws with the pipe cleaners. If you prefer, use green straws or paint the straws instead. The important thing is to use sturdy straws that won’t bend under the weight of the shamrocks.

Push the straws into the base of the shamrocks. Insert the stems in the bottles and arrange the shamrocks as you like.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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