Yogurt Every Day

Incorporate yogurt into your daily diet for good taste and good health!

By FamilyTime


Yogurt is a fermented dairy product made by adding bacterial cultures to milk. These cultures transform lactose (the sugar in milk) to lactic acid. Lactic acid is easier to digest than milk for some people, which explains why a lot of toddlers do so well with yogurt.

The bacteria added to the milk works to boost the calcium and protein in the yogurt. For most of us, this makes yogurt more nutritious than milk alone.

The Value of the Live Bacteria in Yogurt
In the supermarket, yogurt is sold with or without a living bacterial culture. The yogurt with the live culture is more healthful than the yogurt without, although both are good for you. A label announcing the presence of the culture is on the package of most yogurts that contain

These yogurts are called probiotic and contain a strain of friendly bacteria called Lactobacillus casei. While eating these yogurts gives you the optimum health benefits, consuming conventional yogurt (those that are not labeled as being probiotic) is nearly as beneficial.

How Much Yogurt Do We Need?
Just one cup daily of either probiotic or conventional yougurst helps boost the immune system and will keep you healthier. It’s not hard to work this much into your diet once you start.

Look for yogurts you like. Try to wean yourself and your children from those particularly high in sugar and fat and instead reach for low-fat or nonfat yogurts with unsweetened fruit.

How to Work Yogurt into Our Diets
Mix plain yogurt with granola and honey, use it to make dips, and substitute yogurt for sour cream on baked potatoes. You can use yogurt to replace some of all of the mayonnaise for salad dressings and to mix into coleslaw.

Eat frozen yogurt in place of ice cream. Dollop plain or slightly sweetened yogurt on fresh berries. Use plain low-fat yogurt to make smoothies with fresh or frozen fruit. Mix plain yogurt with fresh fruit and honey for treat. Stir it into granola with a little honey or maple syrup for a filling breakfast.

Yogurt splits when heated and can only be used in baking following recipes developed for it. Because of this, you can’t replace sour cream with yogurt in most cooked or baked preparations.

Once you start making yogurt a regular part of your and your family’s diets, you will feel better and know that you are doing something good for your loved ones.