Getting Back Into Shape

How to fit exercise into your life.

By FamilyTime


If you have allowed time to get away from you so that your exercise program is practically nonexistent, there is no time like the present to make amends.

Make a committment to yourself to increase your physical activity. Start slowly. Give your body time to adjust. Before long, you will be exercising far longer than you expected. And you will feel great!

Before you start to exercise, have a physical examination with your doctor to see if you have health restrictions, limitations or modifications. 

Make Time
Make time to build exercise into your schedule. Make an appointment on your calendar, just like you would make a doctor's appointment, and stick with it.

Schedule exercise starting once a week and then twice. If you can, increase these sessions to three or four times a week. Arrange ahead for a babysitter if needed. If you have to cancel a day, move it to another day.

Eat Healthfully
A balanced diet with fresh fruits and vegetables, complex carbohydrates, and protein is fundamental to feeling good. Avoid refined sugar, animal fats, caffeine, fried foods or foods laden with chemicals. Make sure you have enough fiber and vitamins.

Prepare your own food as opposed to processed foods. Drink at number of glasses of water per day. And check with your doctor, a nutritionist or a naturopath if you have any concerns about your eating habits.

On-the-Go Tips
Have healthful foods available in your home -- fresh fruits and cut-up vegetables, for instance. Take nutritious snacks with you when you go out, such as fruits, vegetables, water, dried fruits and nuts, and boxed vegetable or fruit juices.

Drink herbal (non-caffeinated) teas or coffees.  Take water or power drinks with you.

You Count
You are not the "Ever Ready Bunny." Take good care of yourself. Exercise, eat right, and have fun. Make being healthy and fit a priority in your life. Start today!