10 Tips for Organizing the Laundry Room

Doing the laundry just got easier!

By FamilyTime


If you are fortunate enough to have a good-sized laundry room, getting organized will be easier than if your laundry room is very small or nothing more than a closet. But regardless of the space, there are things everyone can do to make doing the laundry less of a chore.  


1. Washer and dryer: Position the washer and dryer so that they are next to each other and you can easily transfer wet clothes to the dryer.


2. Good lighting: Install good lighting so that the room is cheerful and bright. Paint the walls and install a floor that is easy to maintain.


3. Hampers: Put a hamper in every bedroom and encourage your kids to toss their dirty clothes in it every night.


You might prefer to put the hamper in the bathroom. If there is room in the bathroom, have one hamper for darks and one for light clothes. Teach your kids the difference.


4. Shelves: Install open shelving above the washer and dryer. Make sure there is ample room for odd-shaped boxes and bottles of detergent, fabric softener, and bleach.


5. Countertops and tables: If there is room, a flat surface is the perfect place to fold clothes. Make sure it is high enough to prevent back strain.


6. Baskets and bins: Designate a basket, bin, or shelf for each family member. Let him or her retrieve their clean, folded clothes from the laundry room.


7. Lost items: Keep a basket or bowl in the laundry room for spare change and other items you find in the laundry. A bulletin board is useful for hanging stray socks, instructions for fabric care, and the name and number of the repair service.


8. Drying racks and bars: A portable drying rack can be hung on the wall or stowed in a nearby closet, handy for air-drying delicates.


Install a bar with clothes hangers (padded are best) for hanging clothes taken directly from the dryer that you don’t want to wrinkle.


9. Dry cleaning bin: Keep a bin or bag in the laundry room for those clothes that need dry cleaning.


10. Clean the machines: Keep the washer and dryer in good working order. Clean the dryer vent every few months. Always clean the lint catcher. Wipe out the inside of the washer. Clean the outside of both machines regularly.