Let's Decorate Easter Baskets!

Have fun with the kids making fabulous Easter baskets. The Easter bunny can fill them or use them for egg hunts.

By FamilyTime

 Transform simple, plain, inexpensive baskets into charming Easter baskets for children--or for the Easter bunny himself!

Easter Baskets for Girls and Boys
When some folks think about Easter baskets, they might think about sugar and spice and everything nice. Choose pretty decorations such as pink, white, yellow, or lavender ribbons and silk or paper flowers, pastel pompoms, and colorful beads in various shapes and sizes.

Others prefer deeper colors for their baskets. Try blue, green and purple ribbons and weave them through the basket as described below. Wrap the handle of the basket with wide or narrow ribbon.

Use a large sewing needle threaded with a length of ribbon to weave ribbon through the basket--or use wired ribbon. Use one color or several to create a pleasing design. Narrow ribbons work best but depending on the size of the needle and the style of basket, try wider ribbons.

Wrap the basket handle with a single color ribbon. Use craft glue to anchor the ribbon to the bottom of one end of the handle and then wrap the ribbon tightly around the handle, overlapping ribbon as you work to insure total coverage. Secure it with glue at the other end of the handle.

Decorate, Decorate

Artificial flowers, pompoms, and beads turn ordinary baskets into whimsical ones. Use your imagination when choosing trinkets to decorate the baskets.

A hot glue gun makes it easy to attach these to the base, handle, or edge of the basket. Other glue works, too, but is not as speedy or efficient as a glue gun. Please be careful when using a glue gun -- the glue is very hot and only an adult should use this tricky tool to attach colored beads, plastic figures and animals -- even a toy car or two. 

Surprise Easter Baskets
Leave these adorable Easter baskets filled with grass, straw or artificial greenery for the Easter bunny to fill.

Or, if the Easter bunny supplies his own baskets, suggest that the kids use these when they hunt eggs or let them fill them with flowers for the Easter table. The little ones will be proud of their contribution to the holiday!