Tissue Paper Flowers

A big bouquet of pastel-colored tissue flowers they make themselves puts a smile on every kid's face.

By FamilyTime


Even young children can make these flowers.They can be a big as the youngster can handle and can boast every color of the rainbow.

 They take minutes to make -- even for tiny fingers -- and then can be used to decorate a collage, a hat, or a basket, or can be popped into vases. No water necessary!

You will need tissue paper in all your favorite colors, scissors, floral wire or colored pipe cleaners.

Making Flowers
The kids need tissue paper in their favorite colors, blunt-nosed scissors, and floral wire or colored pipe cleaners.

To make the flowers, layer five or six rectangular sheets of the same size tissue paper (the colors can be mixed or not). The smaller the tissue paper sheets, the smaller the flower.

Starting at one of the short ends of the paper, fold the paper into one-inch accordion folds - just as if you were making a fan.

Next, wrap floral wire or a pipe cleaner tightly around the center of folded tissue paper. Straighten one of the wire for the stem.

Gently pull the layers of tissue paper apart and fluff them to create a lush burst of colorful flower petals.

Everything is Blooming
Attach bouquets or individual flowers to hats with ribbons or thread them through a jean jacket buttonhole.

Let the kids attach flowers the headboard of their beds, or use wrap them around the curtain rods in their rooms to cascade down their curtains.

Make the flowers as a party activity. Use them to decorate gift boxes - or just stew them along the table to give it a festive look.

Once your kids figure out how to make these flowers, don't be surprised if your house blooms with festive color!