Breakfast for Mother's Day

Get Mother's Day off to a lovely start by making a very special breakfast for your mom.

By FamilyTime


Mother's Day is a time to indulge our moms -- those women who take care of us all year long. It's become something of a tradition in recent decades to treat Mom to breakfast in bed, a luxury most women welcome, especially when small hands have set the tray and prepared the meal.

Not all kids are old enough to man the stove -- much less crack eggs for a breakfast omelet. This is where Dad or an older brother or sister comes to the rescue.

The goal is to give Mom a few extra minutes of blissful peace. This means keeping kitchen activity to a dull roar so that she doesn't come rushing in, sure the clang of a dropped pan or thud of a tipped over chair spells disaster!

Omelet or Scrambled Eggs
Omelets are a little challenging and scrambled eggs might be easier. If you want to try an omelet, use a seven- or eight-inch omelet pan. These, measured across the top, not the bottom, are perfect for two- or three-egg omelets. 

Omelets or scrambled eggs take no more than a few minutes to cook and should be eaten almost immediately. It's a good idea to have the rest of the meal planned and ready before anyone -- Dad or the kids -- cooks the eggs.

The Rest of the Meal
Fresh-squeezed orange juice is always a hit, and even a small kid can press oranges in a juicer. (If it's electric, they should be supervised.)

Hot, buttered English muffins or slices of toast are tasty accompaniments for the omelet or scrambled eggs. On the other hand, bakery-made coffee cake is easier to deal with and always welcome.

Don't forget some fresh fruit, such as sliced strawberries mixed with raspberries or a shingled banana.

If Mom is a coffee drinker, Dad or someone old enough to do so should brew up the best coffee possible. If she likes cream or milk, pour it into a small pitcher. If she prefers tea, brew is shortly before serving the meal. You don't want it to get cold.

Finishing Touches
A few flowers, a tablet or folded newspaper, or a glossy magazine and the tray is ready for Mom, reclining in luxury in bed.

Mom may want to relish her meal quietly while the kids clean up in the kitchen. On the other hand, she may prefer that the kids to hang out, enjoying the morning together as the spring sunshine pours through the window.

Happy Mother's Day!