St. Patrick's Day Family Supper

Nothing less than traditional corned beef and cabbage will do! You don't have to be Irish to enjoy this meal.

By FamilyTime


Let the luck 'o the Irish into your house on St. Patrick's Day. Regardless of your family's heritage, everyone is Irish on this day in mid March -- and what better way to celebrate than with a traditional Irish meal?

Corned Beef: Tender and Tasty
You may think cooking corned beef is beyond you, but you will be surprised how easy it is. And if it's been years since you made it, what are you waiting for?

The beef brisket needed for our recipe is sold sealed in plastic bags, packed in brine. Rinse it before cooking it at home with your own spices.

You will need a large pot wide enough to hold the beef in one piece. This could be a soup pot, a large skillet with deep sides, or something similar. It should have a cover.

After three hours or simmering, the beef will practically fall apart-but not quite. You will be amazed at how tender and delicious it is.

The cabbage, potatoes, and carrots that accompany the beef are braised with it until nearly tender. Once the meat is lifted from the cooking pot, the vegetables are cooked a little longer until perfect.

Cheese and Bread
St. Paddy's day wouldn't be official without Irish soda bread. Our recipe is as authentic as it gets -- and better than most! Try it warm or room temperature, and if there's some leftover, it's great toasted spread with Irish marmalade.

We added an appetizer made from cream cheese and salmon. Your family may not be accustomed to pre-supper nibbles, but this makes the meal a little special.

We chose this recipe because it includes salmon, one of the true glories of Irish cuisine. The cheese ball can be made with plain canned salmon, drained and picked over, or with your favorite smoked salmon. Either way, it's great. Make it ahead of time and store leftovers for several days in the refrigerator.

Room for Dessert
Because ginger is a favorite flavor throughout the Emerald Isle, we selected crisp gingersnaps to end our celebratory meal. If you prefer, make gingerbread instead and serve it warm.

Bowls of vanilla, ginger, or coffee ice cream would taste very good with these small, crisp gingersnaps. And fresh fruit is always a welcome addition to any meal.

What About Tomorrow?
Enjoy this traditional meal, but hope for leftovers. Few sandwiches are as tasty as corned beef, made on brown bread with a thick slathering of spicy mustard.