An Unplugged Summer

Try cutting back on technology this summer. And get ready for some good fun!

By FamilyTime

 Even if you have never considered doing so, or have fleetingly entertained the idea, take the plunge: Unplug for the summer.

Your kids will want to disown you, of course. But once they start talking to you again, they will thank you.

What is Unplugged?
To unplug can mean any number of things. At its most extreme, it means no smart phones, no computers,  no tablets, no video games, no television. For most families, it means banning the use of any one of the above, in any combination.

For instance, if the kids are young, you might want to consider outlawing or seriously restricting television for the summer. If your kids are older, take away the video games, tablets, and computer to unplug them.

On the other hand, the cell phone may be a necessity for you and your children, so there’s no reason to put it in the deep freeze for the summer. You might want to allow the phone but ban texting in the house or during family time.

You and your kids can decide how best to unplug your family so that its benefits are realized and appreciated by everyone.

Why Unplug?
Why not? Why stay so tethered to electronics during the summer when the pace is more relaxed and there are ample opportunities to play outside, visit with friends, and expand the mind by letting it wander?

Parents report that when their kids curtail television viewing or computer games, they play more creatively, get more exercise, and seem more relaxed overall. Who can argue with that?

We’re not making a case for or against TV viewing, and there are times when it’s perfectly appropriate and fun. But during the vacation, why not encourage your kids to spend their time differently?

Many families find that when the electronic stimulation is gone, kids tend to read more books, play musical instruments, race around the neighborhood on their bikes, put on a play, or rediscover old-fashioned board games. Backyard softball games and even hide-and-seek become exciting.

Kids act like kids!