Kids' Make-Your-Own Pizza Menu

A quick and easy meal to make with your kids.

By FamilyTime


When it comes to easy meals, this is about as simple as it gets. Your kids will love making their own pizzas, even if English muffins are the "crust." Both halves of one muffin is usually enough for small children; older ones might need more.

Half the fun of this meal is to vary the toppings. Your middle schooler might decide she likes mushrooms and red bell peppers, while your second grader is a red sauce and cheese only guy.

Let the kids decide!

Some tricks of the trade for this meal plan:

English muffin "pizzas" are quick and easy snacks or a simple meal.

Vary the toppings for the pizzas by using your own sauce or adding mushrooms, peppers, or meatballs to mix.

If you kids like green salads (and some do!), add a small one to round out the meal.

For a quick dessert, serve your favorite ice-cream with a simple chocolate syrup.

Recipe to the right.