Make a Container Garden for Mom!

A small garden in a pot is a lovely way to say Happy Mother's Day.

By FamilyTime


The little things in life often bring the most joy and on Mother's Day and this is true of small potted gardens. These are lovely gifts no matter how old you are: adult children enjoy making these for their mothers.

Think big, tall, small, and even on a wall when planning a container garden! The potted treasure can be designed for a single large pot, numerous small pots, or a few pots of varying sizes. Some pots can be hung on a wall or a garden lattice.

Choose the Pots
Choosing the container is half the fun. Let your imagination wander. You don't have to buy a pot - instead, scour the house or garage for something unexpected.

Old teapots, teacups, polka-dotted mixing bowls, and enameled cooking pots are great. Even a worn-out wheelbarrow, bucket, or discarded bathtub can work! Or go with traditional terra-cotta pots.

The secret to flourishing container gardens is proper drainage. If you can, punch a couple of holes in the bottom of the pot. If not, line the container about a quarter full with gravel or small stones before adding the potting soil.

Decorate the Pots
Now it's time to make the containers shine! Clean them well and then decide if they require further decoration.

You can paint clay pots with water-based paints and metal or glass ones with enamel paint. Have fun with colors. A layer of shellac over the colors is always a good idea.

Decoupage the pots with copies of photos or cut-outs from magazines. Cover these with several layers of shellac.

Try decorating the pots with beads, sea glass, seashells, broken crockery, or fun-looking old buttons. Glue these to the rim of the pot or create a pattern. Ask at a craft or hardware store for the right kind of glue.

Select the Plants
Once the pots are beautifully decorated, make them come alive!

Plant them with one kind of flower or mix different ones. Choose flowers that have similar moisture and light requirements. Ask the nursery salespeople for help.

Be creative with the color scheme. Make a very sophisticated potted garden by choosing a single color. Add trailing ivy or feathery ferns. A more whimsical potted garden will have many different colors - the more the merrier!

Don't stop with flowers - Mom will love what the French call a "potager" or kitchen garden. For this, use edible flowers, heavenly scented herbs, or easy-to-grow vegetables such as cherry tomatoes and small peppers.

Mom will be pleased with whatever plants you pot for her. Just remember to help her keep them watered!