Mother's Day Sunday Supper

This Mother's Day, let the kids (and Dad) prepare an easy supper!

By FamilyTime


What better than roast chicken and rice for Sunday supper? When this meal is laid out on the table, it looks and tastes as though it took hours -- but in fact it's an easy meal with very little last-minute cooking.

This dinner is just right for children to cook for their parents on Mother's Day, particularly kids old enough to work in the kitchen without much supervision. And the older children can help the younger ones participate. 

If need be, Dad can supervise some of the preparation and then perhaps will want to oversee the final moments when the sauce for the chicken is mixed in the roasting pan. If the weather cooperates, grill the vegetables outside. Otherwise, they can be roasted in a separate pan alongside the chicken. If the family prefers, serve a green salad in addition to the veggies, or instead of them.

The chocolate mint cookies are great to make ahead of time -- the batter could be mixed and refrigerated the day before and then sliced and baked in the hours preceding supper. On the other hand, bake another kind of cookie or simply buy the family's favorite ice cream and make dessert easy, easy, easy.

Otherwise, while the kids set the table and finish the meal, Mom can enjoy a little well-deserved quiet and peace. Whatever the outcome of the meal, whatever the shortcuts or omissions, Mom will cherish the effort and the love poured into this meal. 

The Menu:

Roast Chicken with Lemon

No Fuss Rice

Herb-Grilled Vegetables

Chocolate-Mint Icebox Cookies