Outside for the Holidays

Take your decorating abilities out of doors for an especially festive season.

By FamilyTime


You’ve hung a wreath on the front door — a welcoming gesture during the winter holidays — but don’t stop there!

While you don’t have to be “that family” who decks the house’s walls, roof, and front yard with expensive and brightly lit decorations sure to attract a gawking crowd, you could go a little beyond the front door.

Extend the Greenery

Consider loosely wrapping evergreen garlands around porch railings and fences. You can buy the “real thing” or invest in fake but durable garlands that you can save to use next year. Big red bows brighten them up. Buy the bows already crafted or make your own from wire-enforced ribbon meant to be used outside.

A wreath on every window, or on the front windows, is very pretty. This is especially true if you have an old, colonial-style house or one with a traditional façade.

This is not to say that contemporary houses can't be decorated. Use your imagination for some dramatic and seasonal statements.

Light Up the Night

Lights coiled around the banisters on the porch or outlining the front door are delightful. You might also want to wrap them around a small evergreen tree or shrub.

It’s also lovely to put battery-operated candles in windows (inside the house) that glow all evening long and make your house look warm and welcoming.

Most strands of holiday lights are safe both indoors and out, but before you string any out of doors, make sure this is the case.

If you need to rely on an extension cord for these lights, make sure it’s designed to withstand inclement weather. Try not to use more than one of these; too many extension cords can be dangerous.

Regardless of how you decide to decorate the outside of your house, remember it’s your way of saying “happy holidays” to your friends, family and neighbors.