Spring Cleaning for Your Body and Your Mind

It’s not just our closets that need a good cleaning. Our bodies and our hearts can benefit, too.

By Debbie Barbiero


People like stuff. We tend to hold onto all sorts of things year after year, saving and stocking up on things we have no use for. The result is not always pretty!

Perhaps we keep some things because they hold precious memories. They may remind us of our grandparents, lost loves, or childhood. The idea of parting with these keepsakes is out of the question.

At the same time, we harbor bodily toxins and negative emotions — all of which can benefit from a  good cleaning.

There is a saying worth heeding: “You have to get rid of the old to make way for the new.” If you feel you are stagnating in the past or that you are not as happy as you would like, maybe it’s time to spring clean your life.

If it’s time for you to toss out some of the stuff that is cluttering up your life — literally or figuratively — here are some tips for saying goodbye and welcoming the future with renewed energy.

A Clean House

For good mental and physical health, we actually have two houses and both need cleaning.

First, we accumulate a lot of stuff in our physical home: outgrown clothes, magazines, books, rusty bikes, rusted tools, and gardening paraphernalia. A trip to the local dump and Goodwill should take care of most of this stuff.

A Clean Body

More importantly, our bodies collect residues and toxins that need cleaning, too. To do so, give yourself a break from rich foods by fasting or cleansing for a short while.

When you fast, you forgo most foods and instead drink lots of water, fruit and vegetable juices, teas and clear soups.

When you cleanse your system, you pare down your food to simple fruits and vegetables and just a few whole grains. You drink a lot of water, too.

Whether you fast or cleanse, after a day or so, you will feel energetic and alert. Without a lot energy directed at digestion, there is more for mental acuity. Both fasting and cleansing sharpen concentration and help you gain insight into spiritual awareness.

A valuable side effect is that your immune and digestive systems may get boosts.

A Clean Heart and Mind

Finally, when you decide to spring clean, don’t forget your heart. Get rid of negativity. Welcome all that is positive and hopeful.

An open heart is the way to an open mind and will allow you to make room for life’s gifts and surprises.

Debbie Barbiero is a certified health and life coach based in Connecticut. Her website is www.debshealthyplate.com or you can contact her via skype at debbie.barbiero1.