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Water, Water Everywhere!

Water, Water Everywhere!

We know we need water for life. But why, exactly?

By FamilyTime

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We know that our bodies are mostly made up of water — from 60 to 70 percent. We need water for life itself. While we could survive without food for a month or longer, we could only live without water for a few days.


Luckily, for most Americans, access to clean drinking water is easy to come by. This is good news, as we need to replenish our bodies with two and a half quarts of water a day.


How Water Helps

While water literally keeps us alive, water does many good things for our bodies, including:

  • It aids digestion
  • It helps the body absorb food
  • It regulates body temperature
  • It regulates the circulation of blood
  • It maintains muscle tone
  • It cushions joints
  • It removes toxins and waste
  • It carries nutrients to cells
  • It carries oxygen to cells


How Much Water?

Experts advise that we all drink liquids during the day -- and if possible, drink them as water. The idea that you need at least six to eight glasses of water a day has been debunked, but on the other hand, it can't hurt.


Drinking other fluids, such as juice, milk, coffee, tea, and soda, does the trick -- but in the end, nothing is as satisfactory as drinking pure water.


Don’t rely on thirst alone to determine how much water to drink. Some health providers suggest drinking two or three cups more than you naturally crave.


As we age, we don’t get as thirsty and so must make a conscious effort to drink enough water every day.



Extreme dehydration is very dangerous, but even mild dehydration is not good for anyone. It can cause short-term memory loss, headaches, difficulty focusing, and fatigue.


If you feel tired, hungry, or irritable during the day, try drinking a glass of water. You might be surprised how much better you feel.


We may take water for granted, but our bodies certainly do not!


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