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Join the Circuit!

Join the Circuit!

A lot of us interested in improving or maintaining our fitness level try circuit training.

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While circuit training is the premise of franchised gyms such as Curves, it’s possible to design your own circuit-training course at home or at the local gym.


What Is Circuit Training?

When you train on a circuit, you repeat a group of strength exercises, each performed for a short period of time and for a specific number of repetitions. There is no rest between the exercises, although there is a short rest between each circuit.


The average circuit takes minutes, and an average total circuit workout lasts for 20 to 30 minutes, with a warm-up and cool down. Some circuit training courses — and particularly those designed for high-performance athletes — can take up to an hour to complete.


What Is the Purpose?

Unlike weight training, circuit training is less about maximizing the weight you can lift and more about improving both strength and respiratory systems. This in turn improves overall health and fitness.


The circuit challenges your body boyh aerobically and in terms of strength. It works every muscle set in the body and minimizes fatigue.


How Can You Set Up a Circuit?

You may be able to plan a circuit at your local gym. On the other hand, you can design your own circuit at home.


When you circuit train, you keep moving. Some circuits break up resistance exercises with aerobic ones. Others emphasize the resistance, or strength, and suggest that if you must rest between exercises that you walk around for 10 to 15 seconds.


You aim is to work on every muscle group and never to work a group more than two times in row. Some circuit training experts say never to work a muscle group more than once before you move on to the next.


Your circuit should be organized so that you work on four muscle groups: upper body, trunk (core), lower body, and total body.


To intersperse aerobic exercise, you can hop on a treadmill, stationary bike, or elliptical, or you can jump rope, walk or jog in place.


What Equipment Do You Need?

Circuit training courses at gyms depend heavily on machines and weights. At home, you can substitute simple movement exercises. You should invest in some free weights as well as jump ropes, exercise balls, and chinning bars


For example, when you train your upper body, do pull ups or press ups. For your trunk, do sit ups and crunches. For the muscles in the lower body, try squat jumps, step ups, and bench squats. For the total body workout, skip rope and do squat thrusts.


Convinced? Welcome to the circuit!


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