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10 Strategies for Moving Day

10 Strategies for Moving Day

Planning and lists make the process go smoothly.

By FamilyTime

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It’s here. Moving day. The van will arrive today and tonight you will sleep in a new bedroom. How exciting! How terrifying!

To make the day a little easier, make sure you stay as focused and organized as you have been during the past few months. Here are 10 tips to help you get through the day.

 1.  Either you or your spouse should spend the day at your old house and not plan to leave before the moving van does. There are bound to be last-minute decisions that you will have to make. The movers will be more careful with your furniture if your eagle eye watches their every move.

 2.  Don’t be shy about telling the movers about any furniture that is fragile or special to you. Grandma’s spindle bed has been in your family for several generations and you don’t want to see a spindle snapped!

 3.  When the van is packed, check the bill of lading. If you can, accompany the driver to the weigh station so that you know the weight is accurately reported. Most moving companies are honest and if you have chosen wisely, everything will be fine.

 4.  Before the van pulls out of the driveway, make sure the driver has the correct address for the new house. He should also have your cell phone numbers and the new land-line number, if you have one.

 5.  Be sure you have the driver’s cell phone number and the contact number for the moving company.

 6.  Double check the basement, garage, attic, and all closets and rooms.

 7.  Disconnect all utilities (usually pre-arranged with the utility company and accomplished with a phone call). Lock the windows and doors.

 8.  Let the real estate agent know that you have disconnected the utilities and locked the house. Let your neighbors know the house is empty.

 9.  Pick up the kids at the sitters! Don’t forget the dog and cat.

10.  Shed a tear, remember the good times, and move on to a new home, new memories, and a well deserved night’s rest!

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