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Mother's Day Poems for Kids

Mother's Day Poems for Kids

Kids and poetry go together — especially on Mother’s Day!

By FamilyTime

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Mother's Day is not far off; before we know it, May 10th will be here. Both you and your kids will want to celebrate this joyful day, and while there are countless ways to do so, one of the best we can think of is with simple poetry.

Most young children love poetry, whether it’s read to them, they memorize an uncomplicated rhyme, or they write their own. There’s good reason Mother Goose has survived through the generations!

Young Poets

Children as young as six or seven are capable of composing verse, especially if parents and teachers have read poems to them over the years. Older kids most likely have written poems in school.

Kids also love to search for appropriate poems to share with their moms. The magic of good poetry is that it captures universal emotions — and few emotions are as universal as a mother’s love.

Kids of any age will enjoy creating a poem-filled Mother’s Day gift, packaged, perhaps, in a handmade card or written on a decorated scroll.


Before you -- moms, dads, older siblings, aunts or special family friends -- talk to the kids about writing a poem, read to them. Borrow a book of children’s poetry from the library, search your own bookshelves, or surf the Internet. If you haven’t read poetry to your kids before, you will be delighted by how much fun it is.

Talk to the children about writing their own poems. Encourage their efforts with lots of hugs and kisses! You could try writing a little verse yourself. Everyone’s efforts are bound to elicit lots of giggles and warm feelings.

Mother’s Day Poems

Mom, Dad, Grandma or any other adult can let the kids know that a poem written from the heart — whether it’s silly or reverent — will thrill anyone who receives it. The poem can be personal or about something joyous. It can be a few lines or several stanzas.

The sky is the limit! Here are a few ideas:

  • Why my mom is the best!
  • How Mommy makes my laugh
  • I feel happy and safe with Mommy and Daddy
  • Why I love my family
  • Spring is here!
  • Mother’s Day is a happy time

If you are looking for some poets to read to your kids, try these:

  • Douglas Florian
  • Eloise Greenfield
  • Arnold Lobel
  • Jack Prelutsky
  • Dr. Seuss
  • Shel Silverstein
  • Judith Viorst

Whether you and your kids write poems together, read poetry to each other, or choose another way to celebrate Mother’s Day, enjoy the day and the time you spend with each other.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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