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Make Father's Day Special

Make Father's Day Special

Father's Day is when we can tell our fathers and grandfathers just how important they are!

By FamilyTime

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Although Father's Day did not become a national celebration until 1971, it's quickly assumed the significance of Mother's Day -- as well it should! Dad's need celebrating, too, for all they do.

Plan ahead
Plan ahead to make sure Dad is surrounded by family members and pleasant activities on the third weekend of June. -- which also happens to be the first day of summer this year! If he likes breakfast in bed, make it for him. If he prefers to go out, make reservations well in advance. If he appreciates a quiet family supper, plan for it. 

Gifts and special activities
Many people find it hard to find the right gift for Dad. For some dads, a book may be the right present, while for others it could be a video game, a supply of golf balls, or tickets to a concert. 

Plan an outing with Dad, such as a trip to the ballpark, beach, or museum. If he likes to play tennis or golf, arrange a game. Your father may want time alone to garden, read, or work on a special project. Let him know you respect this wish.

Write a play or humorous skit to perform for Dad. Include some silly songs and a good sprinkling of "inside jokes."

Young children can make homemade cards, picture frames, pencil holders, and collages. They may need guidance from Mom or older siblings, and certainly will need help rounding up supplies. Allow enough time to create these homemade gifts. 

Older children can mow the lawn or wash the car for Dad on Father's Day. They might present him with a voucher for an afternoon of weeding, an evening at the movies, or a day of fishing.

If they are artists or writers, children can paint Dad a picture for his office or den, or write him a poem or short story.

Don't forget Grandpa
Fathers of all ages like to be remembered on Father's Day. Send cards and gifts in time to reach grandfathers, stepfathers and divorced dads. If you can't see them on Sunday, call these fathers to let them know you are thinking of them.

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