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The Sweet Music of Wind Chimes

The Sweet Music of Wind Chimes

Flowerpot wind chimes are fun to make, pretty to look at, and delightful to hear when summer's soft breezes whisper.

By Barbara Albright

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The sound of clinking or tinkling wind chimes adds a touch of music to the air. Although you can buy them, making your own is a relaxing warm weather project sure to appeal to kids.

Our wind chimes are made from miniature flower pots and everyday nuts, washers, and twine easily found at the hardware store. Other than these items, you will need a few sturdy branches or short poles.

Hang the chimes on the porch, patio, deck, or sunroom - anywhere a gentle breeze is apt to spur them into action. Because they are fashioned from tree branches, straddling them between the branches of a living tree is a logical idea.

Prepare to Make the Chimes
This is an activity that can involve a group of kids - scouts, campers, a crowd of cousins, a birthday party - or just a few.

The first job is to find the perfect branch. Search in your own backyard, on a nature walk, or in the park. Only use windfall branches. You can use one branch or two or three, lashed together with heavy twine.

Decorate the Chimes
The little flower pots can be decorated with paint and glitter to make them colorful and fun, or you can leave them plain and concentrate on the sounds they make.

Paint the pots with any sort of paint - the brighter the better, if it suits you! Decorate the pots with gaudy glitter and sparkles or go for a more subtle look.

If the wind chimes will be exposed to the elements, make sure to use permanent paint or makers and waterproof glue.

Assemble the Chimes
Next, attach one or more nuts or washers, or both, one end of a length of twine. Thread it through the hole into the pot. These pieces of hardware serve as clappers, so make sure they are free enough to move inside the pots. Knot the twine as needed.

Alternatively, you can use beads, jingle bells, and pieces of old costume jewelery. Use your imagination and experiment to come up materials that make a sound you find pleasing.

Cut the twine to the desired length and attach it to the branch with a secure knot. String as many pots as you like along the branch, but be sure to hang them at different levels. They should not be able to bang into each other; they could easily crack.

Finally, tie another piece of twine to the branch to make a hanger. This should be long enough to hold the branch securely.

Hang the chimes and sit back. As soon as they wind blows, you will be treated to the music of your labor.

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