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Thanksgiving Toppers

Thanksgiving Toppers

The kids will love making these easy and festive hats for the holiday.

By FamilyTime

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With several sheets of construction paper, a ball of yarn, staples, and glue or tape, the kids can make simple hats and headdresses to wear on Thanksgiving day.

The story of Thanksgiving is of the Pilgrims and Native Americans coming together to rejoice in the bounty of the land. It celebrates sharing and understanding, as well as the joy of sitting down to a traditional family feast.

We have made three hats suitable for the November holiday: a traditional black boy's Pilgrim hat, a girl's Pilgrim bonnet, and a Native American headdress.

Making the Black Hat
Begin with a sheet of black construction paper that measures at least 12-by-10 inches (a little extra never hurts). Cut out the hat shape so that the rim is 3 inches wide and 12 inches deep and the top of the hat is 9 inches from base to crown.

Using yellow construction paper, cut out a 7- or 8-inch long strip that is 1 inch wide. Cut both ends on the diagonal. Staple, glue, or tape this on the front of the hat.

Using the same yellow paper, cut out a 2 ¾ inch square and then snip away the center of it to represent the buckle on the yellow hat band. Staple, glue, or tape this on top of the hatband so that the cut out section shows black.

Finally, cut a strip of pliable white or black paper 20 to 24 inches long to use for the headband. Fit the band to the child's head and staple, glue, or tape this to the back of the hat and then into a circle to go around the child's head.

Making the White Bonnet
Begin with pliable craft or construction paper that measures at least 12-by-18 inches. Fold and crease the paper lengthwise to make a 2 inch rim.

Cut 8 to 10 slits about 6 inches deep and 2 inches wide along the opposite side, leaving room on both sides for the front of the bonnet. Gather the strips together to make a pleated back and glue or staple these together.

Punch holes on either side of the bonnet near the child's chin. String white yarn through the holes to tie under the chin.

Making the Native American Headdress
To make this decorative headdress, cut out a colorful band 20 to 24 inches long and 3 inches wide. Fit it to the child's head and then staple, glue, or tape together.

Cut out three or four feathers or use real feathers from a craft store. Glue or tape the feathers to the front of the band.

The kids can wear the headgear on Thanksgiving day for fun. Another idea is to make one for every place and use them as table favors or place cards. They also make a delightful centerpiece!

We'd like to thank Connie, part of our Familytime family, for making this craft with her grandchildren.

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