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The Wonders of Yogurt

The Wonders of Yogurt

Just a cup a day provides incredible health benefits.

By FamilyTime

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The good news is that over the last five or six years, yogurt has become a mainstream product. The not-so-good news is that a lot of us still don’t eat much, or when we do, it’s as a high-fat, sugar-and-fruit laden snack or dessert.

This may not be surprising, as many of us have not developed a taste for plain, unsweetened yogurt. While there is no reason to eat this exclusively, yogurt is a versatile product with all sorts of good benefits.

Why Eat Yogurt?

To gain the health benefits of yogurt — which are impressive — you should consume it regularly. If you and your kids can only tolerate it with added fruit and sugar, so be it. Low-fat or non-fat yogurt mixed with fruit and sweetener is a good choice in this case.

Try the Greek-style yogurt popping up in supermarkets these days. It's thicker and richer tasting than other products and may suit your palate.

Yogurt truly is a super food. It promotes intestinal health, builds and maintains strong bones, enhances the immunity system, improves lactose intolerance, fights yeast infections, lowers bad (LDL) cholesterol (and may raise good (HDL) cholesterol levels), lowers blood pressure, fights plaque buildup on teeth, helps with weight loss plans, and may even fight cancer!

Further, yogurt is an excellent source of calcium, phosphorous, riboflavin-vitamin B2, and iodine. It also is a good source of protein, potassium, vitamin B12, pantothenic acid-vitamin B5, molybdenum, and zinc.

Hey! What’s Not to Like?

How could one food be so intensely good for us? Populations that have long consumed large quantities of yogurt have always known about yogurt and many of these pockets of healthy yogurt eaters boast longevity.

Fortunately, Americans are hopping on the band wagon and eating more yogurt every year. And this can only be good for most of us.

However you and your family choose to enjoy it, when you make yogurt part of your daily diets, everyone benefits!


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