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Celebrate Father's Day!

Celebrate Father's Day!

Gather around the grill to celebrate Dad's special day!

By FamilyTime

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On Dad's special day, most families gather around the grill for some good, simple cooking. What could be more appropriate than steak and potatoes?

Add to this basic meal a fresh Caesar salad and a home-baked lemon meringue pie. Wow! Dad will swoon over his special meal!

Get the Grill Ready
If this is the first time this year you've grilled, clean the grill and stock up on fresh charcoal or refill the gas tank. If you put the grill away nice and clean in the fall, readying it will only take minutes.

Make sure you have the right tools for this meal: long-handled tongs, a grill basket, and heavy-duty oven mitts. An instant-read thermometer is useful, too.

Make Dessert First
Who can argue with dessert first? And since the pie requires baking and cooling, it's a good place to start.

Make or buy a pie crust and then get to work baking the pie. Keep the pie refrigerated until you're ready to serve it, or leave it under a cake dome for an hour or so on the countertop.

A Few Other Do-Ahead Chores

If you decide to marinate the steak, do so early in the day. Begin soaking the potatoes in their marinade about two hours before the meal. You might want to slice up a few extra potatoes for a family with a big appetite.

Wash the lettuce for the salad, spin it dry, tear it into pieces and store it in the refrigerator. Wash packaged lettuce, even if it's labled "pre-washed." 

Start the Grill
The steak will cook most evenly if the coals are nice and hot before you put the meat on the grill. Don't be impatient -- wait until the coals are covered with gray ash or until the lava rocks are hot. (Of course, if you use a gas grill, this is not necessary.)

Both the steak and the potatoes are cooked directly over the coals, so be sure you have room on the grill and have enough coals.

If you think you will want to use a grill basket for the potatoes, have it ready. Otherwise, lay them directly on the grill or thread them on metal skewers. Whatever you decide, grilling them makes them absolutely delicious!

Serve the Meal
Dad himself may decide to grill the steak and potatoes. Toss the salad in the kitchen just before serving. This way the leaves will be crisp, not soggy with dressing. And if you prefer, leave the anchovies out of the dressing.

Let the steak rest for about five minutes before slicing it on the diagonal. Serve it with the potatoes and the salad. Be sure to save room for the pie.

Happy Father's Day!

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