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Make Mother's Day Special

Make Mother's Day Special

Kids of all ages can give their mothers the gift of time together. Make a plan and have fun!

By FamilyTime

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This year, plan an activity that you and your mom can do together. She'll love the idea!

This doesn't have to be a big deal. It doesn't even have to involve leaving home. Plan to join her doing something she really loves, and then make time for you and Mom to hang.

All ideas that follow are suitable for one child or for several -- depending on how large your family is and how attuned your brothers and sisters are to these suggestions.

At Home with Mom
If your mother likes to garden, join her in the dirt. Buy a few colorful annuals to plant alongside her, or offer to weed the garden so she can have the fun of planting.

She might enjoy a trip to the nursery to pick out flowers with you, which you might then plant together, or leave for her to plant another day.

If your mother loves to cook, spend time with her in the kitchen. Try to arrange a trip to the market (with Dad? an older sibling? a neighbor?) on Saturday and buy the ingredients needed to bake a cake or a loaf of bread, or to make pasta sauce or a big, fresh green salad!

Get out the knitting bag or embroidery material and plan a few quiet hours with your mother doing handiwork. Download some soothing music and look forward to quiet conversation while you work together.

This might be the day that you and your mother finally go through those boxes of old photos and arrange them in scrapbooks. Buy the scrapbooks, find the pictures, and clear a work space for you both.

On the Town with Mom
If you and your mother are movie buffs, plan an afternoon at the multiplex. Offer to buy the tickets and the popcorn and settle back in the dark theater to enjoy a few hours of uninterrupted entertainment.

On the other hand, you might want to check out Netflix or Amazon Prime to find one or two of the movies your mother has long insisted you would love. Pop some popcorn, mix up a pitcher of lemonade, and then join Mom on the sofa for an afternoon of great viewing.

Your mother might love a day at the art museum, a concert, or the nature preserve.

Take your mother to lunch or on a picnic. If you decide to go to a restaurant, don't forget to make reservations! If you think she would enjoy a picnic, make her favorite sandwiches and pack the food yourself.

You and your mom might have fun visiting the ice cream parlor for a sundae and some good laughs.

At Play with Mom
Perhaps your mother is a tennis or golf fan, or she likes to play basketball or softball. Arrange a game. Get the whole family together or invite your cousins and neighbors. If you organize the sport, mom will be happy.

What is important is to plan a special activity that you and your mother will enjoy together. Even if there is not time on Mother's Day, give your mom a "gift certificate" promising an adventure to come in the next few weeks. She'll love it!

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