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Thinking of Going Modular?

Thinking of Going Modular?

Modular houses are great ideas!

By FamilyTime

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If you dream of building your own house but are hesitant because of cost and the enormous investment of time it involves, consider building a modular home. Whether it’s your permanent residence or a second home on a lake or in the woods, you might be surprised when you start investigating.

Modular structures are attractive, soundly constructed, and more cost effective than traditional construction. They are not cheap, however, but you will save on time as well as on cost per square foot.

What are Modular Homes?
First, get rid of any idea that these are mobile homes. They are not.

Modular houses are constructed in factories and then the pieces are transported to the building site where the modulars are put together, not unlike building blocks.

The best are carefully constructed and meet or exceed local building codes. They are attractive, energy efficient, and built to last.

Don’t Modular Homes Look Alike?
Your modular home can look anyway you want it to. It’s up to you and the architect how you want it constructed. It can have a basement, multiple stories, fireplaces, a large kitchen — just about anything you might want in any custom-built home.

How Much Do Modular Homes Cost?

As with any construction, costs vary depending on the region of the country and the type of house you build. As a rule, the price of a modular house is from 10 to 35 percent less than that of a traditionally built house. (Mobile homes are far less than this.)

Banks and other financial institutions will consider you for a mortgage using the same criteria they use for any house. They do not consider modular houses different from any others.

Do Modular Homes Save Energy and Time?
Because they are built in sections and shipped to the building site, modular homes save a lot of energy. For instance, workers travel only to the factory instead of driving all over the state to get to a job site. Estimates are that construction workers drive an average of 100 miles a day to sites ­ — a lot of gas that is saved by eliminating this travel.

Modular homes save energy in other ways, too, as the factory can buy in bulk. Once the pieces are on site, everything is there. There is no need to run around to lumber yards to pick up extra supplies.

Most modular homes take full advantage of efficient insulation and high-grade windows and doors. Many earn the Energy Star or other environmental designation.

Because the building site can be prepared — foundation dug, driveway graded — while the modulars are being constructed in the factory, building time is reduced. It’s shortened later because it takes only days to stack the sections before finishing work can commence.

Not everyone is lucky enough to build a house that meets their dreams. If you are, think about going modular and your dreams might come true a little sooner than you think!


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