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Enjoy Your Effort

Enjoy Your Effort

Step out of the whirlwind for a few moments and enjoy your decorated house.

By FamilyTime

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The weeks leading up to this the holidays have been frantic. You’ve dashed about buying gifts and holiday ornaments. You put up and decorated the tree. You strung garlands on the fence and wrapped lights around the shrubbery. The inside of the house is bursting with holiday adornment.

It’s time to enjoy your labors.

Take Time Off

Plan to take some time off. Let the kids play with friends or visit Grandma. Pour yourself a cup of tea or glass of wine, turn on the Christmas lights, and relax — lounge, even! — on the sofa. Soft music on the stereo or a totally indulgent movie on the TV or computer tops off the experience.

If you are lucky enough to have time off from work, stay in your pajamas all morning. Sit in bed and read a book. Yes! Read one of those tempting looking books you got for Christmas and don’t let anyone tell you not to!

Breathe in the Outdoors

Take a few walks. If you go after nightfall, you can enjoy your and your neighbors’ efforts to dress up the houses and yards. Get some ideas for next year — both what to do and perhaps what not to do!

If you live near a wooded park, take a good hike with your husband or a friend during the daylight and enjoy the beauty of the season. Even winter woods are lovely and if there has been a snowfall, even better! Gather some windfall to use next year for decorating, such as pinecones and interesting looking twigs. Don’t break any branches or pick up stones.

Gather the Family

The house looks great. Appreciate it with a casual family supper in front of the fire, an evening of games or storytelling. Stop and smile at the kids as they play with their holiday loot and offer to join in when you can.

Bake cookies or bread with the kids to prolong the season. Now that the house is decorated and the frenzy leading up to the holidays has passed, you can make time to fill the kitchen with good smells and create some joyful memories of simple pleasure.

Happy Holidays — and Happy New Year!


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