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Make Holiday Cards and Crafts

Make Holiday Cards and Crafts

All your kids need are some easy-to-find supplies and a little imagination for the fun to begin!

By Kathy Oberman

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Kids will have hours of fun making their own holiday cards to send or hand out this year. We have some great ideas for the best, most festive cards ever!

Provide the supplies and a good working space and then let the kids go wild. Their creativity will soar!

Holiday Greeting Cards
To make simple holiday cards, give the kids 8-by-11-inch construction paper in any color they like. Also gather together glue bottles or glue sticks, glitter, ribbon, colored pipe cleaners, scissors, tinsel, cotton balls, crayons, and markers.

Fold the construction paper in half. Let the kids very outline their greeting very lightly with pencil. This could be "Merry Christmas," "Happy New Year," "Season's Greetings," "Ho! Ho! Ho!" or "Hi Grandpa!"

Next, use the glue bottle or glue stick to fill in the outline. Before the glue dries generously cover it with silver, gold, red, blue, or green glitter.

To draw Santa Claus on a card, draw an outline of a star with a red crayon. Color in four of the points with black (for the mittens and boots). Leave the top point blank for now.

Color the body red and, if you like, draw some black buttons or a belt on Santa's suit. Finally draw a cute face in the empty point. Color his red hat on top of the point. Use cotton balls to top the hat and don't forget to glue one on his chin for a beard!

Make Your Own Sponge Stamps
Kids can make their own simple sponge stamps in the shape of a dreidle, menorah, candy cane, or anything else they dream up. Use these to stamp on cards, paper napkins and tablecloths, or perhaps a cloth for the mantle or front door.

Use an ordinary sponge and sharp scissors. Young children will need adult help with this.  Once you have the forms, dip the sponge in paint and stamp away!

For stamping paper, pour a little poster paint in a paper plate; for cloth, use fabric paint for the best success. Use a small paintbrush to apply the red paint in diagonal stripes for the candy cane. Particularly when stamping cloth, be sure to give the paint a few hours to dry.

Christmas Cardholder
Everyone will love this little Santa cardholder and kids can make it easily themselves! Cut a white paper plate in half. Glue one half of it on a red plastic plate. Glue cotton balls around the white paper plate for Santa's hair and beard.

Cut eyes and a nose from construction paper and glue them in the center of the white paper plate. Use tinsel for eyebrows and glue a cotton ball at the top of the red plate for a hat.

Poke a whole through the top of the red plate a lace some red or green ribbon or a pipe cleaner through the hole so that the kids can hang up their cardholders.

Happy Holidays!

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