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Fudge in a Flash!

Fudge in a Flash!

Homemade candy is fun to make – and easy enough for kids of all ages. Fudge is always a great favorite.

By Barbara Albright

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It is easy to make fudge from scratch. This year, make it with your kids. Who knows? It just might become a holiday tradition in your house!

Later in the season, make these homemade candies as gifts for teachers, club leaders, family members, and neighbors. Packaged in a pretty tin or gift box, the candies become extra special.

Our recipes make use of a very important ingredient: chocolate! Go for it – just about everyone loves the stuff!

Read the Recipe
Make sure both you and your children read the recipe before you begin. More beginners have courted disaster by not doing so and let’s face it, when you’re making something as delectable as candy, who wants to even approach the disaster level?

Make sure you have the appropriate equipment. If you don’t, figure out how to improvise or plan to borrow the right pan from a neighbor. Maybe it’s time to buy a new one.

Assemble the Ingredients
Next, gather the ingredients and measure them out. Regardless of your level of expertise in the kitchen, this is a great idea and makes cooking ever so much easier.

French chefs call this step assembling the mise en place. This means they have everything they need in place and in the right quantities – ready to go!

Let the kids help with the measuring. The volumes of the measuring cups and spoons clearly demonstrate fraction sizes. Discuss the differences between teaspoons and tablespoons. Also talk about the origins of the various ingredients.

Enjoy Yourselves!
These recipes are child friendly. Depending on their age, kids can help with preparing them. They can decide to give them as gifts or party favors, or eat them themselves.

Whatever they decide, homemade candy will quickly assume first place on the list of items the kids like to cook. Have fun!


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