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Marshmallow Bunnies & Chicks

Marshmallow Bunnies & Chicks

Round up the kids and make your own adorable pastel Easter critters.

By Kathy Oberman

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Making marshmallow bunnies and chicks can be as simple or artistic as you choose.

The kids will love these little creatures. They will want to decorate the house and table with them - unless they eat them first! You'll fall in love with them, too.

What You Need
You will need large marshmallows, food coloring, tubes of colored icing gel, vanilla frosting, colored sprinkles, and colored dragées. You will also need toothpicks, a pastry bag with a small star tip and a small round tip, wax paper, and paper towels.

In case you're wondering, dragées are hard, shiny decorating balls made of sugar. Traditionally, they are silver, but now are available in an assortment of colors. Buy them in the cake decorating section of supermarkets or at specialty food stores.

Getting Started
Because you'll need a sharp knife to cut the forms, mom or another adult should supervise this stage.

Set aside one whole marshmallow for the main body of every bunny and chick you will make.

To make the bunny's head, slice off a third of a marshmallow, widthwise.

Make bunny ears by slicing a thin round piece from a marshmallow. Lay this on a piece of wax paper and cut a small wedge off each side. This will leave you with two small ear-shaped pieces with rounded sides.

Form the chick's head by slicing a marshmallow in half widthwise and then in half again, so you end up with a half circle.

Coloring the Bunnies and Chicks
The easiest way to color the bunnies and chicks is to dilute food coloring with water in a small bowl. We used blue for the bunnies and yellow for the chicks, but let your imagination rule your choices.

Make the coloring as dark or light as you like by adding more coloring or more water.

Spear each marshmallow or marshmallow part with a toothpick and submerge the marshmallow in the food coloring for just a few seconds. Make sure the entire mashmallow is covered with the colored water. As when dying eggs, the longer you leave the marshmallow in the dye, the darker it will be.

Lift the marshmallow from the food coloring and pat it dry with a paper towel. Set the dyed parts on wax paper to dry for at least 30 minutes.

Making Faces
Spoon vanilla frosting into the pastry bag fitted with the small round tip.

To make the bunny's face, pipe two small eyes onto the face. Stick a colored dragée in the center of the frosting.

Use pink icing gel to make a nose and whiskers.

The chick's face is just as easy.

Pipe two small dots of vanilla icing on the rounded side of the chick's head and set a dragée in the center of each.

Form the beak with icing gel, or with a tiny triangular piece of marshmallow. Make this very yellow with full-strength food coloring and attach it with a little frosting.

Assembling the Critters
Scrape the frosting from the pastry bag and insert the small star tip. Spoon more frosting into the pastry bag.

Pipe a circle of icing on the top of the marshmallow you will use for the bunny's body. Sprinkle the icing with a few colored sprinkles for a more festive appearance. Position the bunny's head on top of the frosting.

Attach the ears the same way. Pipe a little frosting on either side of the bunny's head and gently press the ears into them.

To make the cotton tail, pipe a swirl of vanilla icing on the back of the bunny's body.

Assemble the chick in the same way.

Let the bunny and chick set for a few hours to give the frosting time to harden and set.

Now is the time to devour or display them joyfully!

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