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Homemade Dog Treats

Homemade Dog Treats

Make your own dog biscuits when you want the very best for Fido.

By FamilyTime

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His big brown eyes are hard to resist. He’s been so good and is so loyal; you want to reward him with a special treat. Reach for the dog biscuits and toss him one. It will disappear in a matter of seconds!

Even better, toss him a biscuit you’ve made yourself.

Why Bother?
For some dog lovers, making dog biscuits may fall under the heading of: “Life’s too short!” But if you have the time and the inclination, it’s a fun and satisfying pastime.

If you insist on buying dog food and dog biscuits made from natural products, you will appreciate the good things baked into homemade dog biscuits.

Gifts and Bake Sales
Homemade dog biscuits make great gifts. Pack them in plastic bags or colorful plastic wrap and tie a ribbon around the neck. Stuff them in a holiday bag or stocking.

Give the biscuits to a friend who has just gotten a new puppy or whose dog has recovered from surgery or an illness. Mark your dog’s birthday with homemade biscuits. Dog lovers don’t really need a reason to celebrate!

Bundle up dog biscuits in festive ribbons and sell them alongside the brownies and cupcakes at bake sales. They’ll be the hottest item on the table!

Make Dog Biscuits with the Kids
Your kids will get a kick out of making dog biscuits for the family pet. When you need a good rainy day activity, bake a few dozen.

If you are about to welcome a puppy into the family, make biscuits with the children as a way to prepare for the event.

Make these treats as a gift the kids will happily offer to Grandma’s pooch or a weekend hostess. The dog owner will be charmed by the gesture – and the dog will be overjoyed!

Bake dozens of biscuits with a scout troop or kids’ club. Donate the treats to a local shelter to raise awareness about the plight of homeless dogs.

Making and Storing Dog Biscuits
The recipes here make a dozen or more biscuits. The amount depends somewhat on the size and shape of the cookie cutter you use. You can buy bone-shaped cutters or choose to make square or round treats.

Bone-shaped biscuits are fun to make and people respond to them. Fido couldn’t care less what shape his treat is!

Let the biscuits cool completely before you give one to your dog. Once cool, store them in a lidded container or plastic bag. Dole them out when your dog earns a reward.

Who knows? Once you begin baking your own dog biscuits, you might decide to make it a regular activity.

Fido and Spot will be happy!

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