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Marinades and Rubs for Summertime

Marinades and Rubs for Summertime

Rely on marinades and spice rubs from McCormick to flavor meat destined for the grill.

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When planning a summertime meal for the grill, choose dishes that can be prepared in the cool of the morning. Usually this means marinating meat and refrigerating it until it's time to fire up the grill.

Marinades are flavorful baths made with an acidic ingredient--usually vinegar, lemon juice, or wine--and mixed with spices and other flavoring ingredients. Oil is an essential part of most marinades, as it lubricates the meat and conducts the flavors.

Spice rubs also referred to as dry rubs are composed of dry herbs and spices. These may be mixed with solid, moist ingredients such as onions or fresh ginger.

Meat and poultry rubbed with one of these spice rubs absorbs good flavor during the hours it is left to marinate. The spices draw the moisture from the interior of the meat to its surface so that the meat literally marinates in its own juices.

All marinating meat and poultry should be held in a non-corrosive dish, such as one made of glass or ceramic. The dish should be covered with plastic or a lid and then refrigerated for several hours or longer.

Remove the meat from the refrigerator no more than 30 minutes before grilling--just long enough to get the chill off. Scrape or wipe off excess marinade, or let it drip back into the dish.

Don't use the marinade to baste the meat or poultry, except in the very early stages of grilling. The marinade might contain harmful bacteria absorbed from the raw meat and it needs time to "cook off" and become harmless.

Marinades must be boiled. Boil marinades five minutes before serving them alongside the cooked meat, too.

This menu also calls for grilling sliced potatoes in a foil package. This foolproof method not only yields delicious potatoes, but clean up is a breeze.

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