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Make a Sand Castle Kit for the Beach!

Make a Sand Castle Kit for the Beach!

Hit the beach with a sand castle kit complete with everything you need to inspire even the littlest architects.

By FamilyTime

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With a few simple household items, you're ready for a weekend at the beach building sand castles and other marvels in all shapes and sizes.

Here is what you need: A plain canvas tote with a drawstring or a pillowcase; twine or ribbon (if you are using a pillowcase); fabric paint and brush or paint pens in a variety of colors; empty cardboard containers and lids (such as those that held Nestle's Nesquick); various sized plastic cups; plastic bottle caps and lids; combs, plastic spoons, and shovels; small plastic toys, ribbons, and flags; plastic spray bottle; and a plastic trash bag.

Make Sand Castle Molds
Carefully cut around the upper rim of the empty 15 ounce- and 30 ounce- size cardboard containers. This will create a smooth surface for molding sand. Parents should help children with this part of the sand castle kit, as it requires using a craft knife.

To prepare the molds for easy release, lightly coat the inside of each container with non-stick cooking spray. Bring the spray with you to the beach in case you need to re-spray the containers.

Make and Fill the Tote Bag
Decorate the canvas tote or pillowcase with the paint or paint pens. Create a crazy design or one with a beach motif.  Let the paint dry completely.  

Fill your tote bag with the suggested items listed above. If you are using a pillowcase, tie it closed using the ribbon or twine.

Make Sand Castles!
Use the cardboard molds to create the larger walls and towers of the castle. Pack them with wet sand so the molded forms will hold their shape. If you wish, use the plastic cups for smaller mounds of wet sand.

Using a shovel or spoon, gently carve out doorways and windows. To add texture to the walls of the castle, drag a comb gently around the sides of the walls or castle buildings.

Use small plastic bottle caps and lids to imprint a stepping stone design in front of the castle and on its walls. Dig a moat approximately four inches wide around the castle. 

While you're building the castle, fill the plastic spray bottle with water and spray the castle forms regularly to keep them moist and standing up straight.

At the end of the day, use the plastic trash bag to carry home all your sandy, salty toys and tools from the beach. Rinse them in fresh water and let them dry. Pack the tote bag for the next trip to the beach.

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