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A Halloween Party for Grownups

A Halloween Party for Grownups

Not everyone goes trick-or-treating on Halloween. Here’s a lovely fall dinner party custom-made for the grownups in the crowd.

By FamilyTime

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The house is decorated in its best scary finery, the leaves have fallen from the trees along the road, and the wind is whistling in the bare branches. Time to light the fire and invite friends over to celebrate the spooky holiday in a most civilized manner.

This meal is designed for adults who prefer to get together post or pre trick-or-treat night and celebrate Halloween in their own way. No costumes required, no sticky fingers grabbing for goodies. Just a pleasant late-fall meal.

Set the Table for Spooks!
Although you and your guests won’t be begging for candy, there’s no reason to neglect the spirit of the holiday. Decorate the table with orange and black linens and crockery. Hang a scary witch from the chandelier, or ghosts in the window.

Nowadays, the number and variety of Halloween decorations are rivaled only by those for Christmas. Have fun with them – search for decorations in party shops, craft stores, and more general stores such as supermarkets and card shops. You’ll find some terrific ones.

Carve a few jack o’lanterns and set them on the doorstep to greet your guests with a welcoming “Boo!”

Remember It’s Fall!
Plan the menu to be in sync with the season. We’ve selected a main dish in which chicken is braised in very seasonal apple cider. It’s served with baked rice enriched with cheese and tomatoes and which tastes delicious with the chicken.

Both the chicken and rice are rich enough so that you need only a simple salad to round out the meal. Ours is made with a mixture of mild and peppery greens and dressed with a mustard vinaigrette – easy and elegant.

We end the meal with pumpkin pie – what else for Halloween? Canned pumpkin puree is an excellent product that is easy to use and means that making a pie is a simple procedure.

Serve hot spiced cider to your guests when they arrive or at the end of the evening. Your choice whether to bolster it with shots of bourbon or brandy.

And don’t forget to place candy bowls filled with the bounty of the season around the house. We may be all grown up, but everyone of us is juvenile enough to enjoy munching on Halloween candy!

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