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Save While You Shop

Save While You Shop

Organize your shopping trips to save you time and money.

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Savings through coupons and cost-cutting strategies might look small at the check-out counter on a weekly basis, but add them up on a yearly basis and you've saved a lot.

The FamilyTime shopping list is sorted by store aisle, saving you time at the supermarket. Match and order your cut-out coupons against that list. Also, be sure also to check if items in your shopping list match against any existing FamilyTime offers. Go to Shopping List to create your shopping list. Go to FamilyTime Offers to see what offers are available.

Hint: using coupons for staples such as coffee, prepared foods, cereals and pet foods can save at least 10 percent on your grocery bill. But when you are clipping coupons, save those only for the products you normally use (unless you are really tempted to try something new).

Remember that you pay more for convenience. You get more meat per pound, for example, when you buy a turkey weighing 12-pounds or more. The yield per person is bigger. You also can save when shopping with a friend because you capitalize on a bulk discount.

Itemization Organization
As you put items in your cart, try to keep like items together. Do the same when packing your bags. Frozen and refrigerated foods, canned goods, cleaning supplies and pet foods go in separate bags. That way you'll save time when putting groceries away.

Impulse Buying
Impulse buying costs. Don't shop when you are hungry. Shopping with children can lead to a 30 percent increase in spending. Also, impose a time limit on your shopping. If you are unsure of what to buy, you are more likely to make expensive impulse purchases.

Choose The Right Place To Shop
Instead of spending top dollars at the local supermarket, check your local yellow pages for shopping clubs near you. You may choose to buy your produce and specialty items elsewhere, but for a small yearly fee, you can join shopping warehouses where the savings are substantial.

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