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Campbell's Green Bean Casserole

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Wonderful dish to make ... Tasty and so easy!

Absolutely delicious!!

The french onions are very expensive.

This is the fastest, easiest and best loved recipe of all my family and friends. I make it for every holiday and even in between holidays.

I love this recipe. It is fast and easy and tastes delicious!!!

I have been making this recipe for at least 30 years and it is one of my familys favorite. I do make it a little different, I use French Style Green Beans, and I do not use milk as it makes it much to loose.

The recipe on the back of the fried onion can is tastier in my opinion! Thanks

Easy side dish that is good!

I don't like green beans so I only make it once in a blue moon.

This is a tradition at every holiday meal. I add shredded cheddar cheese on top after baking.

This recipe has become a Thanksgiving tradition in our house.

This is my husband's favorite vegetable dish. We make it with every holiday meal. Although it is usually made with reg. cut green beans, we use french style and it is great that way too.

I have made this recipe many times and it is great especially for special dinners.

This is by far one of my favorite recipes. It is loved by our entire family, even the finicky children who "hate" green beans. Fantastic for any occassion, even great for a quick evening meal

This dish is so easy that I make it every holiday. I also make it everytime my husband does a pig roast. Thank you for a wonderful dish that is so easy and a pleasure to prepare.

A very fine recipe.

This is one of my family's favorite! Be it a tuesday night or Thanksgiving!

One of my all-time favorites! Always a hit!!


My family has used this recipe for years. Making minor modifications as the years go by. The original recipe is still a great one to fall back on when one is not in a more creative mood.

This recipe has proven to be one of the good ol' true dishes that will be passed on for generations!!!

My family loves this dish and has for years. But the culprit in this recipe is is the French Fried Onions--they are loaded with cholesterol. I wish they could make a better version of these onions that would taste just as good.

My family loves this dish!

This dish has become a standard at all our holiday events, if it isn't on the table it is like leaving out the turkey or ham or prime rib. Everyone loves it, even the children who usually won't eat any of the vegetables on the table.

This is a classic!!!!

Very delicious and easy to make. A nice twist to plain green beans.

I have made this recipe for years for my family. It is requested everytime my family gets together.

It's one of our family favorites.

I have made this dish several times and it's always a hit. I've seen the recipe without the soy sauce, and I think the sauce makes a difference. Gives it just a kick of flavor. It's always a winner with my family!

An old tried and true recipe that someone in our family makes every year either for Thanksgiving or Christmas, but usually not for both holidays as I have other favorite vegetable casseroles. Usually we have one of the grandchildren fix this casserole because it is so easy to do.

I like stuff that is easy to make and that I dont have to stand over for a long period of time Campbell's makes that even easier! Thanks

This is an all-time family favorite & the one most requested by my son & grandson. Easy to make,extremely tasty & most of all economical!By the way my son absolutely hates mushrooms!!

This is a recipe that always turns out great and is easy to make.

This is a delicious casserole that is popular with all ages!!

I make this dish quite often, all of my friends love it, I also add mushrooms and sometimes cheese.

It's fast, easy and taste's great!!!

I make this dish all the time . It is one of our favorites!!

It was very good.

Love this recipe - Have fixed a version of it for years.

I'm a second generation recipient of this recipe. It is a traditional Thanksgiving dish with my family! I'm passing this recipe down to our 3rd generation. GOT TO HAVE IT ON THANKSGIVING!

I make this dish at every major holiday and then a few times in between holidays too. It's a favorite.

We make this all the time and it's great.. Even my kids love it !

OK, I'm weird!! I don't like green beans, but I love this dish and so does all my family.

Had this recipe for the first time last Thanksgiving. Very good, easy to make, everyone likes it. We use canned green beans to make it easy! A little fancier than plain vegies but still kid (and picky adult)friendly. Try it!

This green bean casserole hits the spot everytime. You can not beat it. It is one of the best side dishes you can have with just about anything you serve. Thanks to Campbell Soup!!!!

A side dish that everyone seems to like even people that do not like green beans. It will become a family tradition because it is so easy to make.

This is definitely a family favorite that will appear at all fun/holiday occasions!

I plan on making this for Thanksgiving. My 89 year old mother likes it and will be having dinner with us.

My whole family enjoyed the green bean casserole!!!

Great dish for a family Thanksgiving and Christmas .

I have made this dish for years, but WITHOUT the soy sauce. It adds a little different taste. I prefer not so salty, but my family loved it.

A family favorite!

This dish is a family tradition. Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner wouldn't be the same without it. Nancy

We all love this recipe, it is easy to make and very tasty. Simply delicious.

This is a family tradition and is always on our Holiday Menus that I prepare for my family. We love it. GOOOOOOD!

I don't make this as offten as I would like, cause of the high cholestrol of the fried onions but it is fast and easy. The cost of the fried onions are a bit pricey for what they are..but is a nice change. I made this for thanksgiving, after I pulled my turkey out of the oven, put the casserole into the oven and by the time the turkey was finised resting, and ready to serve, the cassrole was done.

I make this for the family Christmas dinner and other family get togethers. Everyone loves this dish. It is a great change of pace.

I make this dish alot, not only for the holidays. My grandchildren even like this, my grandaughter is six and she can make it by herself that is how easy it is to make. Hope you have more great recipes using the onions and soup.

Most members of my family do not like green beans. In an effort to get my family to eat them I made this recipe a couple years ago. Everyone liked it and most everyone loved it. Anytime you can get a "anti vegi" 3 year old to eat green beans is amazing. I would recommend this recipe for anyone to try, for extra crunch we add more of the french fried onions.

My daughter makes this dish especially for the holidays. She was the one that got me hooked on it. It does add a colorful addition to any meal. I am the one that always ask if she is going to make it. Although we like it and most of us do, I have my other half that does not like green beans at all. That is why I really don't make it to often.

This is one of my favorite recipes, I fix every Thankgiving and Christmas. I even use it on a monthly bases.

A favorite at the holidays and even year round. For special occasions/holidays, I add a can of sliced water chestnuts (drained) for an added crunch! Try it!

I go to alot of doings were you bring a side dish along for the meal and everyone ask me to bring this dish every time.This dish you never get tired of having with a meal. A.Hitchcock

I really like the addition of soy sauce.It gives it that little extra something. I always thought it was a little bland for my taste and that was just the zing it needed thank you

We have been making this for 4 years. When I first made it for a holiday dinner, my family snubbed their nose until they tasted it. They liked it so much, that my sister-in-law has been making it for her family.....Thanks!

When I make this everyone love's it!

I LOVE this recipe and make it every year now as part of our family tradition. We love it! Even the kids. :-)

Kids love to eat this at school, espically ages 12 and up. It goes great with most meat dishes and special to use around the holidays. If I have some real onion rings left over, I like to use them. Mushrooms are always good. And I can put in some different spices to change the taste a little. I espically like to use Italian spices. P.S. I have this on my menu for our Thanksgiving meal tommorrow.

My son hates it...but I love it...

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